Is this why you guys in the North get more for your services?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MMLawn, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. MMLawn

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    I was watching The Apprentice last night and they were doing a home improvement thing on two homes in what Trump called a Long Island suburb and each team was given $20K to work with and whichever one increased their homes value the most won, blah, blah. Well in the end when they were giving the numbers out I almost fell in the dang floor! These two houses which were OLDER (60's?) houses and in fairly but not real bad repair were valued at around $380K and afterward $410K and $430K!!!!! That is absurd!! I know I am in NC but in I live in a city with about 250K and a Tri-County metro area that is very urban (not country at all) and has around $1M folks and is one of the nicer and more costly areas of NC to live and here those houses were 2 things. 1) They bordered on being "dumps" for where I live and 2) and more importantly those were $60K houses here! $430K will buy you a 5-7K Sq foot small mansion in some places in NC! Heck, the subdivision I live in the houses are all new, built within the past 10 years and run in the $300K range and the smallest one is probably 3K sq feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, etc and it has some of the nicest house in the county.

    Man, no wonder everybody leaves there and comes South and why you guys can get so much more for work up there! ;)
  2. Mueller Landscape Inc

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    You can buy a 1300 sq ft home here for around $500,000. That's only if you come right now..... in 3 months it will be $525,000 for that same house.... better hurry.
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  4. Smithers

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    i have asked myself thousands of times the same question.... "How can people afford to buy these kind of houses year after year"? Are they robbing banks, or going in debt and signing their lifes away?

    On top of that they have brand new cars and all the other things that make them look successfull. I think it's mostly "keeping up with the jones' attitude. When you look at their bank accounts, they barely have anything, i am sure.

    My sister worked at a bank and she said that one doctor who had the latest Benz had almost no money in his bank account. Maybe he had more than one account, maybe not.
  5. stizostedion_vitreum

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    I watched the same version of the apprentice last night....and the contractors that were hired, the work they performed and the statements by TRUMP himself did nothing but give all contractors a bad name.....

    and we wonder why we have so many PITA customers...

  6. MMLawn

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    But in all fairness the first 2 were bad and didn't do what they promised they could. Funny, only the "Goodfellas" (and there wasn't much doubt to that) did what they said they would.

    I doubt that anyone watching was comparing building contractors (who we all honestly know have a lot of bad apples) to LCO's though.
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    Real estate prices in the metro DC area have gone utterly ballistic, and it's not the only part of the country about which that can be said. In four years, property appraisals have increased almost 100%. The actual market value has done just about the same thing.

    A lot of people around here are mortgage-poor and have a pretty spartan interior decor as a result. Some economists say the U.S. economy is going to tank because of the debt, but who knows? Maybe a consumption curve can ease back down without hitting some Malthusian cliff's edge.
  8. tailoredlook

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    I was told a long time ago there are three rules in real estate location, location, location. Not to put your town down, but Long Island especially near the Hamptons, anyone would kill for no matter price.
  9. AL Inc

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    It is crazy here now. Luckily, I bought my first house in 2000 before things got ridiculous. I sold that house for almost double what I paid for it :dizzy: last year. I really feel for younger people who can't afford to live here. Even a fixer-upper in a so-so neighborhood is going for $350-$400K. The $20K budget was a surprise to me last night. I didn't think that would go far. Especially with the Sopranos working there. I thought I saw BobbyGedd in the background trying to strong arm the project manager :angel:

    That show really did nothing to promote a positive image of contractors. Even Trump said "You have to be careful because the contractors will pick your pocket without you knowing it" It is no wonder people come out expecting us to rip them off.
  10. Richard Martin

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    We get a lot more money here because it costs a lot more money to live here. It is true that a lot of people are house poor but there are far more that are not. I have a bunch of customers that just say "do it" and don't worry about what it costs. We just got back from vacationing on NC Outer Banks and we spent a lot of time driving through eastern NC. Let me tell you what. There are some desperately poor people out there. It is very sad. A lot of those people would probably think that the people who live in public housing here are rich. I felt kinda bad for myself because I couldn't afford to buy a new 28 foot travel trailer for the wife and I to go to NASCAR races in. Some of those people I saw would probably kill to be able to live (full time) in the one I did buy. I don't feel bad anymore.

    Where I live I may be Joe Average but in other places I am Donald Trump.

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