is this wrong of me?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Aug 19, 2004.

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    a friend of mine started a lawn/landscape business. it's split between him and a younger guy(like 21 yrs old). my friend bill is experienced in retaining wall/landscape, and the young kid has no experience at all. he taught the kid how to mow, edge, etc. he caught on very fast. whatever thier arrangement is, is not the point here. the kid cuts alone. my friend introduced me to him, and i like him. he's young, full of energy, very respectful, keeps his mouth shut and his ears open . he works hard, and catches on to things real fast. we both work in the same areas. we run into eachother often, and we chat. i help him somewhat, i will NOT answer any of his questions reguarding pesticides, but tell him he can sub off me if he likes. i do answer minor questions about stupid things like cutting height etc. i AM teaching him collection methods , you know simple stuff like how to swing a shovel, etc, cus i think that could benefit us all. i thought about telling him about lawnsite. but i never did. i think lawnsite is the greatest learning tool a young motivated kid could have, and since we both work in the same areas, i decided it's not in my best interest to tell him. am i wrong?
  2. Mark Lawncare

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    This site really isn't that great. He's probaly learning more talking to people in his area than people in texas or the midwest.
  3. walker-talker

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    Messages: 4,771're not wrong at least I don't think so. I usually will tell some LCO's about not lawnsite, but not one's that work in my area and are direct competition with me. If I feel they are not much of a threat, I will share lawnsite with them.
  4. walker-talker

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    Then why are you here?
  5. tom sumter

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    I've found that this site has a lot of good and bad advice. You have to pick and choose based on the credibility of the poster.

    I think there are much more important things -- like working hard, being professional, believing in your dream -- than having access to this site.
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    What are you going to say when he finds this site by himself and start reading all your posts and see this one?
  7. this site is a tool that can be used like you would a good mower trimmer etc. ..i wish in 1996 when we went full time it had been around..we would have saved a ton in useless equipment purchases.

    Like in person many on hear have unique personaities...some or trolls that aint worth a perfumed boot full of piss.

    Like said you learn quick who is and aint a prick and knows what he's talkin about.
  8. Mark Lawncare

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    I'm here to learn about equipment and info about running a buissness. But, I would rather talk to somone in my area because I think this type of work varies greatly by which region your in.
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    I tell every lawn guy in my town that I get into a discussion with about this site. I don't worry about competition. I've never been short on work, there are new guys showing up every day and no one seems to be hurting around here. I think that if they read many of the posts about competition and pricing it may help them to realize they are hurting themselves as much as the next guy by low bidding. I think education (and I count this site as educational) is important for everyone.
  10. Big Lew

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    Depends on if you have the time to tell him =-money ;>)
    Just kiddin
    I remember working in the coal mine in Western PA, the old timers would not show you very much due to the fact that if there was a layoff...and the company knew only such and such could run the equipment...well your buttzola was the one they would can.....I hated that attitude....listen Bobby, That kid is going to take years to catch up to you in knowledge...make a sincere friend out of this and you will never regret it.....knowing you and your personality on this site...u don't have a thing to worry about!

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