Is Toro Going the Echo route???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PetalsandPines, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. PetalsandPines

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    I am to say the least pissed off at the quality of equipment that major manufacturers are producing these days.....In this business, you pay top dollar for dependable equipment and it seems that the stuff these days is cheaply made.....I just purchased the 6.0 Horsepower Kawasaki Toro Proline 21"mower for $950 .....Nice looking machine, sounds like a walkbehind with the kawi engine on it......First week the nuts and bolts fall out the bottom of the handle.....A pain in the ***** fix if you ask me because they are hidden behind covers now.....Now this week, mind you I have used it maybe 4 times already, The engine is surging and popping with backfires, up and down up and down. Now you would say...Ok bring it back to the dealer......The dealers are now into the snowmobile and snowblower end of it and could care less about servicing us quickly!!! Now onto the second piece of Toro equipment.....My CCR ??? Snowblower I bought last year, about a month into it, it had carburator problems, then it died....Had it fixed and it is doing it again this year.....The darn thing is still brand new.........I don't want these machines fixed, I WANT NEW ONES THAT WORK!!! Just venting, but I still need to do something FAST
  2. Shuter

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    Not to argue, but it sounds like you have bad luck. I also get the short end sometimes, but my Toro machines are wonderful.
  3. MWHC

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    I too bought a CCR that was crap right off the bat. The carbs are made of plastic and they get clogged real easy. It took a big fight but I got the dealer to replace the carb after i brought it in every day for about a week. Toro makes nice stuff but sometimes I think they have C students engineering some of their products.
  4. MacLawnCo

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    it seems that your dealer isnt quite up to snuff. My toros have been top notch as well as the dealer. Remember the dealer is responsible for the assembly, and Kaw would be responsible for the engine....sounds like toro just has a bad batch of engines and a "hurry up" dealer.

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