Is Troy Bilt any good?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rarebreedx5, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Rarebreedx5

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    I have heard mix match stories about troy bilt mowers and how they are shitty is this true, and if so are any of there products worth looking at like there hand held blowers or hedge cutters?

    thanks dave,
  2. rwar

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    I had a troybuilt string trimmer,years ago,it was hard as hell to start and the bump head never worked right,I gave it away,and that was back when I was just doing my own lawn
  3. Alan0354

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    Stay away from Troybilt mower. I have the then top of the line mower for home owner use, It is less than 3 years old with once a week mowing. One wheel is dangling, the deck bend out of shape from hitting something. It clogged all the time until I increase the rpm quite a bit. The bag opening is very small that it is hard to empty the bag...........Need I continue??:dizzy:

    I think the mower is made by MTD that makes Crapsman also. The engine is the bottom of the line B&S Quantum crap.

    If you are looking for a cheap mower, look at Husky 7021.

    I have the Troybilt 4 cycle 25cc trimmer. The head is not good, but the motor works great. If you can change to a speed feed head, I think it works.
  4. 1993lx172

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    Their tillers are even crap now. The ones made before MTD bought them out are great. But I wouldn't trust their mowers as far as I could throw them.
  5. LuxuryLawnCare

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    i have the largest troy built edger there is to buy at lowes its like 156cc 4 cycle its the big one around 300 well i have not took it out of the box yet should i? or should i take it back get in store credit and get a smaller edger and a good hedge trimer to? its very large has 4 or 5 wheels. what do ya think?
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  6. Alan0354

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    I think you'll be better serve if you pay a little more to get a commercial brand. Troybilt is not cheap like Ryobi ( might be the same with different name only) or Homelite etc. The price is between the el cheapo and the commercial with quality more on the el cheapo side.

    I can't say too many negative things about my 4 cycle Troybilt trimmer but I did pay close to $200 for that. I think I'd be better serve buying an Echo SRM210 at the time. The mower was a joke.....even for home owner use.

    I looked at the Troybilt hedge trimmers, they are the cheap type of blades, not even the true blades. It is like those paper scissors that is not a knife edge. I don't think you can sharpen it. YOu want to get commercial equipments, get on ebay and look at Kawasaki hand held new for really cheap.

    For mower, check out Husky 7021, they are in $270 to $330 range depend on specific. They are have ball bearing wheels and the deck seems thicker with Either Honda GCV160 or Kohlor XT-7 engine. Much better than the B&S Quantum engine on Troybilt/Crapsman!!!

    Far as I know, Troybilt biggest bp is only 32cc. That is peewee!!!! You the Husky 125 hand held, it would be stronger for $149 or Echo PB265 hand held for $169 or Stihl BG55. These are low end commercial stuff that you can't go wrong. You can step up with the Husky 150Bt for $299 bp that can blow all Troybilt out of the water.
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  7. Mowingman

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    Everything with the Troybilt name on it is total crap now, and I mean everything. I was a dealer for Cub and Troybilt for one year. Never want to have to deal with that junk again. Stay away from that brand, far away.
  8. milkie62

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    I live in the original Troy-Bilt town,Troy NY.It was a shame what happened to the company.The CEO ran it into the ground with his on private jet,buying stairmaster,etc.Their tillers were top notch and most everybody in the area had one.My familiy has 5.They just keep running and running.
    MTD cheapened up the entire line.It will never be the same.
  9. Mahoney3223

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    They suck...their product has chinese motors's sad..troy built used to be quality and now they're junk! Buy Stihl!

    MOHUSTLER LawnSite Bronze Member
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