Is Troy Bilt any good?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rarebreedx5, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Alan0354

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    You are lucky, my dealer told me they would not fix anything they didn't sell to. I since change to another one, never have a chance to test them yet......knock on wood, my stuffs have been behaving for the last year!!!:waving:
  2. yardguy28

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    i say get yourself a homeowner toro. just don't buy it from crap depot. buy it from a dealer. they are generally good mowers and if something goes wrong a dealer will take care of you.
  3. Bumsi

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    Thanks for the suggestion...Is there a differance in the equipment from the depot box store or is your comment related to a matter of the quality of service from a dealer vs. depot?
  4. yardguy28

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    you will of course get much better service from a dealer. they work with you to make sure your machine is running correctly. they also can provide that service quicker because they usually have mechanics working with them.

    i feel the quality is better from a dealer as well. after all that is there business. they aren't gonna sell you a bad piece of equipment. if it does happen to be a lemon though, they will work with you to make it right. whether that be fixing the lemon in some way or giving you a brand new machine.

    i purchased a toro 21 incher top of the line model from home depot in 2008 at one of there stores that was going out of business and the thing does not cut worth a crap. not even quality for a home owner. it was suppose to serve as my main 21 incher so i could leave the one i have as a back up. becasue i purchased it at one of the stores that went out of business they won't do a thing for me.

    i suppose i could take it to my dealer and have them work on it but one of my dealers told me it was because the deck was made from steal which flexes as it gets warm so the blades have to be farther away from the edge of the deck which creates the crappy cut i'm getting.

    what you want is an aluminum deck which doesn't flex nearly as much if at all so the blades tip can be a lot closer to the edge. i only find those kind of decks on the commercial grade 21 inchers and i don't use a 21 incher enough to pay $1500+ for one.
  5. rosarioslawncutters

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    i have a troy bilt 33 mulching deck...i only use it when the grass is really tall like 8 to 12 inches tall because they are like tanks in tall grasses.then i go over it with my 48" john deere walk behind because troy's 33" don't make nice stripes at all ( maybe i need new blades or something)
  6. bobcat48

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    In my opinion,i think troybilt is pretty good stuff.
  7. rjh4758

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    Troy-bilt was once the Cadillac of tillers. They were sold and serviced through independent dealers. I have a 21 year old Horse that runs like a top and my dad has one that is like 30 years old and never an issue.

    Then along comes MTD and bought basically the name. They took a well trusted name and slapped it on some junk. They make home owner products that are OK for that use.

    I was always firm believer even as a home owner to buy the best equipment you can afford. We bought Echo trimmers even for home use from an Echo dealer. Any dealer can guide you to a model that will do what you need it to do. My dad has an Echo trimmer that he has used for home use that is 25+ years old. I can guarantee the no MTD product will last that long.
  8. milkie62

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    very true about old Troy-bilt tillers.They would keep on running as long as fluids were checked,changed and filled.A little bit of service went along way.I use a 25 year old horse model and still runs strong .Just needs new tines from so much use.

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