Is Twitter Taking Over?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Sean Adams, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Sean Adams

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    I have to admit, I am getting slightly annoyed by all of the new social media type sites that seem to be popping up daily now. In this case, I think it is clear, only the strong will survive - meaning the sites that can serve a purpose for both consumers/enthusiasts as well as business owners and service/product providers.

    Facebook and Twitter are certainly not going anywhere. They are growing so large at such a fast pace, people are now almost shocked if you tell them you are NOT on Facebook or not able to be "followed" on Twitter.

    We have our presence, albeit new, we are embracing social media outside of LawnSite to make sure that we are able to draw as many professionals to this site as possible so the conversations and information are across the board and informative (or at least entertaining)....

    Check us out on Twitter at >>>>


    Check us out at Facebook at >>>> - our user name is "Moose River"

    I guess the bottom line is, social media and sites like Twitter are shrinking this big world - good thing or bad thing?
  2. GPDesign1

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    Sean: I think many above the age of Ashton Kucher adoring twelve year olds are starting to "tox-out" on the isolation of electronic interfaces. Social networking myazz... Real social networking is "playing hookie" on a sunny afternoon to go pitch horsehoes and split a six-pack with your best buddy. It's not sitting around typing with your thumbs on a celphone like some kinda crazed beaver asking: "What're you doing?".... "Uhmmm, nothin'... what're you doin?" "I'm Twittering". "Uhmmm, Me too".

    Twittering I reckon. Finally: Truth in advertising! Twittering our lives away, just eighteen inches in front of our nose.

    Over the years, I've been pretty friendly to and made good use of new technology. I give 'em all a hard look. But many of these companies popping-up, trying to be the "latest Google", are just trying to get rich with the next cool thing. They're attempting to provide answers to questions that I don't think anyone is really asking. In the process, they risk adding to the clutter and overwhelming "din of hi-speed blather" to such a degree that the information overload threatens to make us insane. Far from social, the isolation imposed by all of our machines should probably more aptly be named anti-networking. I often see families riding down the highway- Kids in the backseat texting away or watching the electronic babysitter while Mom and/or Dad sit in the front, chatting on their celphone. Four strangers sharing a vehicle, while they talk with four other strangers about crap that doesn't matter. No. I'm not looking for any more interface devices that utilize a screen, a speaker or a keyboard. Got plenty, thanks. We're sorry... all available circuits are currently busy.

    I've been blessed with a lotta folks to love and I love 'em with all my heart. But I don't want a real-time account of everything that's happening- there's just too many (boring) details in the world for one human to keep track of it all- I'm not equipped with that much mental storage capacity anyway.

    But bring over some beers, a lawnchair and a set 'o shoes and I'll be happy to hear the summary and tell ya the more interesting parts of mine. Besides... ya can't grill porkchops on Facebook.
  3. GFTC

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    Amen Gary! Nothing like a little face-to-face to break the monotony (sp?) of communicating with our thumbs.
    BTW, thanks for the updated clutch, it was very much appreciated.

    Brandon Grosko
    Grosko Family Lawn & Tree Care
    Kansas City, MO
  4. lifetree

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    Gary, thank you ... I couldn't agree more !!
  5. ExtExc

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    Social networking websites are a fad. Myspace and facebook we're all the rage but now are losing their neweness appeal. It goes like this, kids find it, tell all their friends0they find it, then they get tired of it just around the time the adults and the media catch on, then the kids are like my parents are on here so its lame now, so then they search for the new thing. This is where twitter comes in. Give it another year or two and twitter will be old news and a new website will come around.
  6. Mike's LawnCare Landscape

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    Just a few words I have not been to twit yet
  7. topsites

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    I ain't no bird, even if the icon suggests otherwise.

    I am sorry but the whole thing, just thinking of folks talk about 'twittering' turns me off.
    Reminds me of gossip, which is right next to slander in my book.
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  8. Chilehead

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    I've got better things to do with my time than let the world know what I'm up to. Besides, it's none of their business!
  9. Mowbizz

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    My GF and I were discussing it last night and came to the conclusion that kids today (spreading to adults as well) don't know how to be constructive without having some kind of electronic device in their sad, really but not totally their fault's what we, as a society have made them with ultra-permissiveness, a lack of good ol' fashioned discipline (spare the rod, spoil the child) and parents actually being "afraid" to be confrontational with their kids. (not to mention the electronic age)
    I witness this a lot with my GF and her 16 yr old daughter.
    Of course, the internet thrives on these kids and smart entrepreneurs devise ways to make them think they have low self esteem if they are not pouring their souls out to the world.
    Have you ever seen so many "messed up kids" as there are now?? I am so sick of hearing "ADD" "Bi-polar" etc...blah blah GF's son who is 18 takes more pills in a one week time than I have taken in my life! The USA has gone to hell in a hand basket...sorry for the rant but it's the way I see it.:drinkup:
  10. meicher806

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    AMEN!!!! you nailed it!!! my ex wife and my sons teacher had my son put on ADD meds because they dont know how to discipine him effectivle!! why parent/teach if we can just drug them up? i believe this is their theroy, pisses me off!! I do have a facebook page, i use it to communicate partys things of that nature, show off some works i have done,and talk to family thats all over the country but thats about it. I dont twitter and have no plans to start,

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