Is weed and feed safe around kids?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by QualityLawnCare4u, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I picked up a new client today that runs a small daycare out of her home. Spent about 3 hours doing a spring cleanup and light prunning. She wanted to know if I could put out some weed and feed in her yard. I was wondering is this safe around kids? I am working on getting my license and am a little scared of it even though it is granual. Thought about doing it on a friday afternoon right before a good rain where it would be washed down by monday morning. I told her that I could not spray out any liquid weed killer like round up untill I got my license (I hate telling somone that). Wanted to know if something like scotts weed and feed would be safe. I found something aWHOLE lot cheaper that is a weed and feed that is 28-3-3 but dont know much about it. I have to admit that this is one of my weak points but wont be for long, am learning/asking as much as I can.
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    Wow!! This one really makes me shake my head. There are many issues here. All I can tell you is DON'T DO IT!!! You are in major violation!
    You cannot apply either a liquid or granular without a license. Lets just leave it at that for now.
  3. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Well excuse me turf smart, that is why I asked for! I do not do anything that is unknown to me without asking! Believe it or not, in the 7 years Ive been in biz, not one person has asked me to fertilize or spray up until this year. Im going to the county agent tommorow to find out what I need to do. Excuse my ignorance.
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    the saying goes "ignorance is bliss"....except in this case.

    once you are fully trained, licensed and insured, only then will you understand why Turf Smart 'snapped' at you.

    Good luck
  5. woodycrest

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    is weed and feed safe around kids??

    seems to me that is the question.

    So, since hardworking-poorman isnt licensed, that means you cant give him any answer except the standard 'licenced and insured' response?
  6. jimslawns

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    I was wondering...... Could we use "read the directions"????? :realmad:

    Besides weed and feed is pretty general, what exactly is (or was) he thinking of putting down?
  7. tjgray

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    Doesn't anyone read anymore :confused:
  8. Turf Smart

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    "Woody" - I did not get into specifics regarding safety etc. because there were many issues in the question which were alarming. The first issue at hand was whether or not he would be in violation. That is what I addressed. To answer the question, however, yes weed & feed is safe when used according to the label directions. The re-entry time would be my first concern.
  9. Turf Smart

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    I apoligize if I affended you. I do think it is a good thing that you asked the question as opposed to just doing the job and putting children in danger and yourself in legal trouble. I encourage you to contact the local agencies to obtain a license. It is a great service to offer as well as being very gratifying and profitable. If you have other questions you have found the right site for answers. There are many people here who take a lot of pride in what they do as well as offer solid, real, advice about what to do.
  10. woodycrest

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    i didnt mean to cause a big hoopla here, but i just get tired of that same response all the time.

    i just think for something as 'sensitive' as a daycare center this was an important question worthy of a clear answer....which you provided.

    i agree!

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