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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by BobReeves, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. BobReeves

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    Not real sure if I belong here as I am not in the lawn business, just bought 7.5 acres of grass that I now have to mow and maintain. About 3 acres is going to be Bermuda lawn and the rest native grasses (weeds).

    I started late spring by tilling, leveling and planting about an acre and after a couple of months the Bermuda is growing pretty good. I have a bunch of different undesirable grasses/weeds growing in the Bermuda and was wondering if the various weed-n-feeds really work. Anyone want to recommend a brand that can be bought from Lowes or other big box store.

    Not sure how to identify the weeds I want to kill, some of it is Johnson grass, some other grass that doesn't grow quite as tall as Johnson but is broad leafed like Johnson and a ground hugging weed that looks like sand burs but without the burs.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. John Gamba

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    Lesco, Ortho weed B gone. All at home depo.
  3. BladesAway

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    You could go to your local farmer feed store and ask them what they would give you to take care of your problems. I personally use Lawn America from Broken Arrow to take care of my lawn. By the time I figured up the cost of killing and maintaining my lawn it was cheaper to use them. They do a great job and they are a locally owned buisness.
  4. mastercare

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    Not lots of luck with Weed N feed. Mostly it'll work in the spring as a pre-emergent, but not much success here with existing weeds. Problem is this. The lawn has to be wet for the granules to stick to the weed leafs, since that's where chemical is absorbed. If you do apply it to wet grass, make sure it has a lower nitrogen content, or it could cause chemical burn when applying to wet grass. If it's dry, it'll just settle to the thatch level and work just like fert.

    Best bet for your money is a chemical (liquid) application. The only one I konw you can by at Home Depot is ortho weed b gone. It mixes as a concentrate which you spray on the lawn, or you get one that hooks right into your'd spend a lot of money trying to cover that much lawn with the hose hookups though. The best and most effective chemicals are typically available to the lawn industry, and having them blanket spray your lawn once or twice a year may help. Then, buy the weed b gone liquid and spot spray weeds in between.

    In my opinion, the weed n feed is mostly useful as a pre-emergent, and has little effect on existing problems. Hope this helps.
  5. John Gamba

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    I should have said more, Sorry. I like lesco crabgrass PREVENTER in spring and when the hot weather starts. I use the new ortho liquid and its great. finally you can get good results out of the home owner store.
    And all i use is lesco started in the growing season.


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