Is your trailer locked?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ladibugg, Feb 14, 2002.

  1. ladibugg

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    I have read many posts about owners getting ripped off. Five Star is one that made a light go off. Why not make a trailer hitch that is unique to your truck, something that they can't just drive off with. Big Jim, was your trailer locked on ? How easy was it to remove ? Was it taken during the night ? How can we keep ownership of our tools? I have even considered going to a fifth-wheel trailer to make it harder to drive off with. Does anybody even lock their trailer on or is that a waste of good steel?
  2. Lawn Services

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    from DE
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    I personally leave mine unlocked but i park in a way that it would be impossable toget the trailer. when i disconect from any of my trailers i leave a tracter or a truck in front of it.:cool:
  3. mdb landscaping

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    my enclosed trailer has locks on all the doors. i then use a tongue lock so nobody can drive off with it. i even have a lock on my reese hitch. i think if somebody wants something bad enough, they will find a way to steal it. unfortunately some people are just slime.
  4. awm

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    i lock the hitch with a hardened lock . ruined a pair of bolt cutters on this type its not easy to cut.if im gone
    i take measures that will slow the thief down or stop him
    depending on his mechanical ability. a kill switch only u know about helps ,as far as the mowers someone said
    a professional thief is hard to stop . but they want to get in an get out. i give him enough different things to figure out ,that hopefuly he will look for an easier target. a couple o dogs raisin cain also going to make him nervous good luck.
    ps also theirs always the chance that i ll come home,and my place is set up so i can look the place over as i approach from the rd.hes got to come out the way he came in unless he is going to leave his truck or whatever .
  5. lamblawnscaping

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    I have a master lock specially designed to lock trailers. I bought it at Trak Auto for about 10 bucks. It fits so snugly that there is no room to get a saw or bolt cutters on it, here is a picture.

  6. lamblawnscaping

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    Here is another one, it looks even tougher than mine.

  7. accuratelawn

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    Just because you place a truck or other vehicle in front of your trailer does not protect it. A guy I know left the his truck hooked to his trailer. Someone crawled under the truck and put the auto trans in nuetral and pushed the truck away from the trailer. They took the trailer loaded with all equipment. Lazer hp, JD tractor, push mower and all hand tools. OUCH
  8. PrimeGreen Lawn

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    This is the one I use. Great for the trailer tongue. Both doors on the enclosed trailers have locks on them. They are kept at a storage lot so security always worries me.
  9. Ray&Christine

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    When my trailers are not being used I have locks that go up inside the trailer tongue where the ball would sit. These locks simply block the trailer tongue from accepting a trailer hitch ball. One is called Trailer Cop made by Reese and the other one I have is called Gorrilla Guard. If someone wants to steal something bad enough nothing can stop them 100% but if you make it hard for them they might give up. Other locks that I have seen are like brackets that you lock to a trailer tire so the trailer can't be moved. Padlocks help but even the good quality ones are not that strong. I used to work at an ice rink and quite often the players would loss or break the keys to the dressing rooms and we would have to get the lock off the door. I was surprised how easy it is to snap a lock. The best padlocks we found were the round ones with a small opening on them something like the ones shown above.

  10. augs dad

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    For open trailers, how do you secure your mowers and equip when you are in the BIG back yard doing mulching and the truck is out front out of view? 'Kryptonite' makes a thick wire cable that is supposedly secure. Rather pricey at $20 for 20 ft plus a strong lock as you mention above. Thought about weaving that through the handhelds and mowers...a bit inconvenient I know...anyone doing anything like this? thanks much

    Gary in PA

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