Island plant suggestions????

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by eggy, May 13, 2001.

  1. eggy

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    I have been asked by a commercial account to give them a bid on landscaping a appx 20x25ft island. What they are wanting is very low maintence plants with as much color posssiable. The location is in central Indiana, any ideas on plant materials??? :blob3:
  2. jjwbny

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    any type of rhododendron is allways good for color, make sure the soil is the correct PH and the cultivar is hardy to your area. Burnig bushes are also nice, barberry's also add a red color or different colors depending on cultivars. Search the web under Plant encylopedia's. You will find free on line sources that require you to enter your zone, and situations for the shrubs you need it will then give you suggestion of different type of plants and bushes that will grow best in that situation.
    hope this helps

  3. steveair

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    First, what is the location of the island? Sun, shade, part shade, etc.

    Second, will the island be a 'road block' or more of a 'display piece'. What I mean is what purpose is the island to serve.

    Do you want taller material in the island to block a view? Or is the island mainly a 'decorative' piece in the middle of a wide open lawn area to attract attention.

    Also, is the island far away from view, or is the island close to view (not far from street or far from front building)

    If you have a island that is far off in the distance, I like using more of a mass planting approach, having only a few plants in large clusters.

    If the island is closer to view, and maybe people will be walking by it, I like to make it a little more interesting.

    One of my favorites is to create a rock-garden. Create a raised bed, then place boulders throughout. They add a very nice touch.

    For color, you can stick with simple plants such as barberry, spireas, globe spruces, or maybe a few flowering shrubs. You can also do a few masses of perennials/annuals, but that will increase the maintenance needed.

    I find islands are best left simple, by only using a few colorful shrubs in masses with a few 'eye catchers' to add interest.

    hopefully some of this helps.

  4. eggy

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    thanks guys, your ideas and mine are somewhat on target, the burning bush, mayberrys, will add some color for sure, they will be in full sun. I might add a few yews,once again thanks,
  5. joshua

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    how about 3 weeping cherrys, 7 to 9 pjm elites, and perrywinkle as a ground cover. all have flowers when they bloom and would look great in a island, all full sun and beautiful trees and shrubs.

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