Isn't anyone happy about their job?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GroundKprs, May 19, 2003.

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    This forum seems to be trying to rival <a href=""></a> lately. Perhaps operators in the grounds maintenance industry don't realize that you are working in the service industry. This means that you are dealing with people, and often you are dealing with something very personal, the person's home. If you are not ready to deal with the myriad personalities of people, go work in a factory where you can just cuss the boss and the machine.

    People are most often really not buying a service based on value, but on percieved value. The person(s) providing the service guide this perception. Give me two operators in grass cutting with exactly the same equipment, and the one who takes the time to (appear to) present a personal service will go much further. Yes, you can do exactly the same job on three houses in a row, and have each homeowner believe that his job was special. Just observe a good waitress manage her tables in a lunch rush. And you deal with much fewer customers than the waitress.

    Until you can realize that you are selling a service, and you must have people who appreciate your service to make a living, you are headed for unhappiness. To dictate to a client what you will do and how you will do it may be possible in the present economy; you would have starved if you tried this during most of the last century. Many here would be a lot happier today, and more successful, if they put more into trying to please clients, rather than trying to find fault with them.

    Look at one example of a service business, transportation. Ocean liners, stagecoaches, passenger trains and city busses died - while their freight components prospered - in private industry, because the respective industries didn't need to coddle to fussy individuals and keep up with new ideas. It is always easier to deal with objects than deal with people, because the objects can't complain if they are (or aren't) offended.

    If you want to be a success, and be happy getting there, learn how to deal with people first, and learn how to recognize the people you personally cannot deal with and stay away from these. Most of all, just because you had a client for 2 weeks or 20 years, you should not count on them a permanent - you always need to let them know they are special. And don't forget PERCEIVED VALUE - you guide it.
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    "Perceived Value"

    A term I hear my father use quite frequently.

    "The offering of perceived value...."
    "A client's perception of value..."

    And dear ol' Dad is quite the shrewd and prosperous businessman. :)

    Great post, Jim!
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    Imagine if you had to go to work every single day and get told what to do all day, and that you can't go home early, or take any time off, ever! Being your own boss is where it's at. There will always be problems, but I think it's worth it when you can sit back and look at a job well done, then look over and see all the equipment that you own. It's worth it when you look back at where your business started, and look at where it is now.
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    Great thoughts Jim. Great lessons for life in general because not only do we are deliver services to customers, we are customers also. When I go into the mower dealer he always greets me with a handshake and a smile because to him I am a good customer. If I got a raw deal from him I certainly would look somewhere else. Every profession has their PITA customers. Take a good look at yourself, are you a PITA customer for someone who trys to deliver a service to you?

    I have to say that my job as a firefighter and paramedic has helped me indirectly by teaching me how to deal with all types of people at some of their toughest moments. Those lessons are not forgotten when I am working the lawn care business. You have to be able to relate to ALL types of people. You may have a notion in your mind that these people are snooty or old complainers or poor and won't pay but these preconcieved notions will more often than not be wrong. Everyone wants to be treated with respect. I will always give them that respect because for some reason they called me to help them.

    Its the Golden Rule folks, I always try to keep that concept first in my mind. Yes there will always be the customer that just cannot be pleased all the time but that is a challenge to me. I will try to make things work a couple of ways before I let them go. If we cant resolve an issue, I will politely suggest a parting of ways. Your reputation is at stake in all aspects of the business. It is even more critical that you act as a professional when you are terminating a relationship.
    Everyone complains now and then, its human nature. Don't make it a habit or you will end up with few who listen. If thats the case its hard to bill for that.

    We work outside, SMILE:D
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    Yes, there is...They even have a forum where you can P & M.
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    And when professional landscapers come to a forum like this to commiserate with our peers, and vent a little frustration (which we all feel from time to time)...


    Yes, there will be people who P&M about everything, and complain to hear their own voices. There will be bad advice to go along with the good, and not every suggestion you get here will be a good one. But overall this is a helpful resource for the industry, which is seriously lacking in professional education.

    BTW, people generally only say something when they have a complaint. I have several clients who I dread seeing because they only talk to me when I get grass in the pool or trim the hedges too short. It's just how people are.
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    Let's never forget that we chose this occupation and should feel priveleged that we get to make our living doing this. I feel honored that people let me come to there homes every week.Sure there are those that are tough to please but once you do they will be loyal to you for the rest of there lives.
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    believe it or not today we were doing and job, and it was so thick that we had to bag it..but the funny thing was I didn't get mad or anything, I just smiled and thought to myself, "Man, I love this work."
  9. I know many members on here we can send there...;)

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