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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Jul 29, 2002.

  1. Gravel Rat

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    Hi guys I have been using a 325 Bobcat mini excavator and it has the 2 pattern controls on the machine when I first got on the machine the controls were completly backwards for me.

    Left Boom up down swing Right dipper in out bucket curl

    Is this Johndeere controls

    I can run the machine with the controls this way

    Left dipper in out swing Right boom up and down bucket curl

    Is this Cat controls ?

    Anyhow I never did pay attention to ISO and SAE controls before because I have always ran Hitatchi excavators and the controls are what I meantioned. I had a heck of a time running the bobcat machine with the controls backwards from what I'am used to.

    I used to work at the lumber yard that has the rental shop that rents this machine out and we would use it for doing odd jobs around the lumber yard. It was kinda embarassing for me to run the machine as I couldn't run the controls the way they were but the other guys learned how to run excavator on that machine so it didn't bother them. I had to fix the pattern control switch and it was back to normal for me I could run that machine like the Hitatchi's. It was kind funny thou when I left the control selector in the pattern I like and the other guys get on the machine and couldn't run it.
  2. digger242j

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    I ran a Case 680 backhoe for years, where there are foot pedals for the swing, and three levers for boom, dipper, and bucket. Then I bought a Case 580 with joysticks like a John Deere. It took a lot of getting used to because while swinging was sort of intuitive--move your hand in the direction you want to move the hoe--boom and dipper were on *opposite* hands from what I was used to. I'd try to move the dipper out and the boom would go down! It just took some time on the machine doing work where there was nothing I'd really damage and pretty soon I could jump from one machine to the other and never even think about it. (Funny thing is, and I still do it to this day, if I've spent a long while on one machine when I go to get on the other one I find myself reaching for hand throttle controls that aren't there. The hand throttle on the 680 is at the left side of the backhoe controls, near your left knee. The 580 has a handle sticking out of the right hand side of the dash, like a mirror image of the shuttle control. )

    When I first got on an excavator I was totally confounded again. The swing and bucket were in the right place, but boom and dipper were backwards again. I spent an hour or two here and there on excavators but it took a day where all I did was bail dirt out of a big foundation til it became second nature...

    (By the way, I couldn't sit here right now and tell you for sure which hand does which thing on which machine. Once my butt is in the seat my hands know, but my brain doesn't really remember.)

    I've never had the opportunity to run an excavator that's configured like a John Deere hoe, but a buddy of mine says it'll screw you right up. (Of course, he's a John Deere man, and if he has to run a Case he actually crosses his hands and uses the left hand to do what the right hand usually does.) :dizzy:
  3. Gravel Rat

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    Ahh Case foot pedal swing the first time a ran one I damn near took out a guys shop doors using them I'am so used to excavators and backhoes with swing on the joystick. I could feather the 3 sticks easy enough from years of crane experience but those foot pedals take some getting used to.

    Anyhow I'am like you digger I can get on a excavator and operate it if its in the controll pattern I'am use to but I always take caution when I get into someone elses machine because you never know which way they are set. The first time I used the Bobcat 325 at the rental shop it was the opposite from what I was used to and I was using the right joystick to lift the boom which is subconsciously automatic but being opposite the dipper was digging into the pavement :D

    Before I got the pattern selector lever working it was really hard to get the brain to know what the left hand was doing and visa versa. When the switch got fixed I looked like a pro not a amature and showed up the other guys that used this
    machine :cool:

    One thing the other operators learned before I left was turning the machine with the boom instead of grinding them against the pavement just using the tracks to turn. ;)
  4. Guido

    Guido LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,087 get used to it! We have the mini-x's with the control switch. The die hard backhoe guys seem to like the CAT style controls (the 2nd set you mentioned) better. I am used to running our JD wheeled excavators, so I leave my controls the first way you mentioned (left side boom up/down/swing)

    When I was deployed a few months ago we had all CAT leased equipment and it took me a while to get into the swing of things. My brain kept trying to go back to the way I always run the deere's, the comfortable way for me.

    But if your any good, after a little bit you'll have no problem.....;)
  5. Mike_6606

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    Guido, tell the real story about how you learned about switchable controls.:dizzy:
  6. Guido

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    You got me..........

    Before my current boss got stationed here, I thought I was Billy bad *** on our little bobcat mini..........I still know besides him, I'm the most productive operator on it....... Anyway......

    I was digging out a drainage ditch down in a swamp and he got in it and messed around for a bit. Once he got it 50 feet out into the marsh and jammed between some trees, he decided he would let me get back in it and finish.....

    Well he switched the controls (which I didn't know could even be done) I got in there and went to operate like normal and.....BAMM....a tree......BAMM the ground...........BAMMM a tree again..... What the $$%%^&&?? I accused him of breaking something with the hydro's when he was hitting the trees. :)

    :dizzy: That was the day I learned you could swap controls on our Mini-X! I felt pretty stupid after that one, but that afternoon I went through the machine to make sure there was nothing else he could stump me on.

    And before he brings up the track story.......;)

    End of the day and one of our sorta female workers got it stuck on the ditch bank..........Guido to save the day......I got it out of there no problem.......until I got to the top and sucked a brick into the track....OOPS!:angry:

    No I look like a dumb *** again, so Mike puts it on the trailer. The first time putting that track back on was a P.I.T.A...... but after that, we can do it in less then 15 minutes.

    Another lesson Guido learned the hard way..........Keep the tracks adjusted properly!

    All my secrets come out!!:cry:
  7. Mike_6606

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    Don't get me wrong. Guido is a heck of an equipment operator and a manager far beyond his years, just needs someone to tell him who his daddy is once in a while.:D

  8. Guido

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    Thanks Dad!! ;)
  9. BRL

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    LOL That's what you get for sharing this great site with others Guido!

    I rent machines when I need them & I've basically always used Case 580 & 590 for loader back hoes. I needed a machine thursday & friday & a good friend works for Hertz & I'll usually get back hoes from them. He only had a JD 410 available with 4wd & I needed 4wd. So he asked if I'm a Case "expert" & I replied that that's the only back hoe I've ever used & that I know them well enough. So the joke was that all of the case "expert" customers he has really complain about JD controls. Anyway it was a great machine & I've used a lot of other back hoes on small tractors & skid steers that use JD style controls, so I survived the ordeal LOL. This was a fun job with one part in a very muddy, swampy wooded area, so I spent a whole lot of time dragging & pushing the machine out with the hoe. At one point I had to get out & when I returned, I realized I didn't have to climb up into the machine, basically walked straight in because it was so buried in the mud.

    A friend had stopped by to see the job & when he saw what a mess the mud was he offered to bring his Bobcat Mini Ex over because he knew he could float on the mud to grade with the blade it has. Thank god for small favors. It also came in handy to scrape the parking lot there clean from all of the dirt that had been piled & then loaded from there. He also has a piece set up on the bucket to grab things (trees, because that's his business), and that came in handy to throw away some concrete curbs & some 6x6 pieces of wood away. So I got to try his machine out a little & it was fun & worked great. However, the controls were set up different from the JD I had been using all day, so I was moving the boom in ways that I didn't want to LOL.

    I'm glad I read this thread because I had never heard of the option to change the controls. Can someone tell me where this would commonly be found so when I rent different things I can search that option out? Thanks.
  10. Guido

    Guido LawnSite Silver Member
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    On the Bobcat Mini-x's its a small metal lever on the plate that runs from the floor up to the seat. You should be able to reach inbetween your legs when sitting (not that high BRL......move down a bit! ;) ) and run into it.

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