ISO Toro Multiforce 52"

I'm looking for a demo unit to try out the Multiforce. 52" deck would be preferable but the 60" work. Would love to use it with a 4" Boss plow blade in the winter too. The closer to the Philly area, the better. Either not many have been sold or those that did, aren't being resold as I can't find many on any of the standard sites. Would love to add the multi functionality to my arsenal.

Thanks in advance,


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Hey Eric,

I just saw this post as I'm looking for a chute blocker for mine. I have a 2020 Multiforce 52" I just got this spring and we love it. We have the mulch force, the blower and the 48" plow for it. We're up in Scranton if you ever want to take a ride...