Issue with 42" Bobcat ZTRs

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kaferhaus, Mar 18, 2009.

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    We recently bought 2 of the 42" fast trax ZTRs for "gate access" to a large patio home community we got the contract for last year.

    Beautiful cut, solid machine... but they scalp like no ones business.... When the guys reported this back to me I first assumed "operator error" and took one of the mowers out on a job myself. Guess what? It's a scalping bastard! Took it back to the shop, pulled out the manual and made sure the deck was adjusted properly... it was perfect. Called the dealer... "yes, we've had a few comments about that" So I go to the dealer and ask about any kind of "anti-scalping" kit or suggestions they may have. He suggested adding wheels to the deck (the 42" has none.. We looked at what Bobcat had for the bigger mowers and nothing would work right as the decks have different angles to them.

    So I called Bobcat.... Had to leave a message, didn't get a call back. So I emailed them.... no reply for 2 days so I call again... got put on "forget" and sat on the phone for 15 minutes until I hung up. Called the dealer... and by this time I was irate. He called Bobcat and called me back within 30 minutes. (seems if you're a dealer they'll talk to you but as a customer good luck)

    The answer was they know there "may be circumstances where this machine (the deck) may be more prone to scalp than the 48" and larger machines"

    However they have no solution and worse have no plans to offer any. Their suggestion was that I go to a fab shop and have some brackets fabricated to accpet their anti-scalp wheels that fit the larger mowers!

    I called several fab shops and all said it would have to be a "time and materials" job and I'd have to leave one of the decks there for 10 days or more!

    So Bobcat is just unwilling to solve this problem.... they have the all the autocad files showing the angles of the deck etc. which means it would not be a new engineering project to just spec out some brackets and bend them up... I would have happily purchased a "kit" to add wheels to this deck to solve this issue.

    Obviously on totally flat or nearly flat ground there's no problem but to have to relegate these expensive mowers to doing nothing but flat lawns is economically out of the question.

    So while I really like my dealer and really like the other Bobcat machines we have, when it comes time to buy new again I'll likely look to another brand.

    Bobcat's attitude towards this issue is just unbelievable.

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