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    I bought a 2009 RH Stander with a 52 inch deck. I love the mower, but I have an issue that I can't seem to solve. On flat surfaces the machine preforms great, but on slopes one side of the deck cuts deeper and causes a defined line in the turf. I would have the take my string trimmer to blend the line in or mow at a higher height. I'm in Georgia and I mainly cut Bermuda grass.
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    probably because of the narrow wheels vs the wider deck and if it is not tire pressure and unlevel deck, then i found on machines like this it was better to cut narrow on those hill areas and it does much better,

    thoughts to help the best i could...........
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    Check the lift system for any side to side play, a quick way is to grab the stationary bar and see if you have movement when pulling the bar to either side of the mower. If there is movement check the pivot points in the lift system.

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    I was wondering if you had ever resolved your issue and how? I am having a problem with an older 61 inch stande cutting lower on the chute side when on a slight slope and really digging in on a hard turn on a slope or level.

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    Since the 61" fixed deck has no lift system this would be a different issue. Usually this is related to a run flat tire that has gone soft and when the mower is turning to the right or is the low side on a slope the tire gives and causes the front end to dip on that side. Also check the rear tire pressures to make sure they are the same, this can contribute but it is usually the caster tire that is the problem when it is related to the mower turning.

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