Issues leveling Triton deck on eXmark Laser Z HP

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by motohead400, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. motohead400

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    Hello all, I just purchased an eXmark Laser Z HP with 430 hours on it and am having some odd issues with leveling the deck.

    Model #: LHP23KA505
    Serial #: 670452

    The mower came with a Triton 50" deck that was quite un-level so I went about the task following the instructions in the manual which said to use 2 1-5/16" blocks on the back of the deck and a 1-1/8" block up front.

    The problem I had is that in the back, with all adjustment taken out of the chain, it would just BARELY take the slack out of the chain. Once doing so, I couldn't even raise the deck back into the transport position. I cut 1/8" off all blocks and it will now go back into transport position but just BARELY. Tire pressure is at 13.5 psi for both rear tires.

    I'm pretty sure 1-5/16" is not the height block I should use in the back for this deck and am thinking the instructions were maybe for the Ultra Cut instead? Doing some measurements, the cutting edge of the blades are almost even with the bottom of the front of the deck, but they are almost half an inch higher than the back edge of the deck. Knowing that the blade tips are supposed to be about a 1/4" lower in the front, it seems that the blocks used to level the back of the deck should be thinner than the one in the front since the back of the deck extends about half an inch past the blades?

    Any tips? This is about to drive me crazy.
  2. Oldtimer

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    1. Measure from the floor to the top edge of each rim or raise the mower and measure the circumference of the rear tires. The factory matches their tires by measuring the circumference.

    2. Check the front tire pressure for book specs.

    3. Go to the eXmark web site & look up your mower to get directions for deck leveling.

  3. motohead400

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    Thanks for the response Oldtimer, but it turns out my hypothesis was correct. The instructions in the manual are incorrect, even though the first person I called and talked to at eXmark told me they were correct (I called back a second time and another person told me I was right). The deck leveling instructions are not for the Triton deck. Pretty sad that not only are the instructions incorrect, but the first technical person I talked to at eXmark emphatically ensured me that they were correct, even when I told him I was pretty sure the instructions weren't for the Triton deck. I wasted many hours trying to figure out why things weren't working like they should. After cutting the leveling blocks to the correct height, it took me 20 minutes to level the deck and the mower cuts perfectly now.

  4. Genlandscape

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    What did you cut the blocks to?
  5. motohead400

    motohead400 LawnSite Member
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    IIRC I cut the ones for the back of the deck 1/2" shorter than the spec since there is half an inch extra overhang in the back of the Triton deck vs the front. I left the front block the spec height. I'll see if I can find the blocks when I get home and double check the measurement.
  6. Genlandscape

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    Spoke with two techs at eXmark and they don't know the correct height...
  7. Genlandscape

    Genlandscape LawnSite Member
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    I will try that thanks! I know the triton decks are a half inch deeper than the ultracuts were.

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