isuzu cab over dump, good deal or not?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by vntgrcr, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. vntgrcr

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    I am curious what you guys think of this deal.
    "1995 Chevy Diesel Cab-Over Dump Truck, Isuzu original mfg., PA inspection through 02/06, newer tires all-around, 7' x 10' masonry dump body with removeable sides, 2' x 4' lockable metal tool boxes behind cab, (1) additional 18" x 18" Saddle tool box, am-fm cassette with cd player jack built in, 239,320 orig miles on body, 65,000 engine miles. Good Condition. A real "work horse"the truck holds 5 tons stone,8 yards mulch,and hauls my New Holland skidstear on a daily basis."
    This is the sellers description. It seems like a decent truck, no major damage. But I havn't layed my hands on it, this is all over the internet. I want it to haul supplies/materials for waterfeatures, to move my CAT 257MTL and my Bobcat 331 Excavator. Obviously not at the same time. He wants $6500, I want to pay $6000. Plus I have to go to PA to get it from MA. Just let me know your thoughts. I know a lot of you guys run these trucks. Thanks
  2. PROCUT1

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    6500 sounds like a steal........
  3. Gravel Rat

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    What size is the COE if its a 4500 or 5500 it would be a decent truck you just have to watch out for bad cab rust. Those trucks in this area rust apart the fenders and other parts of the rot off. The other problem is the rear spring bushings wear out on these trucks.

    The other thing to keep in mind these trucks are slow as mollasis aswell you will not win any races by and means. If the truck is a automatic it will be really slow.

    As for load carrying capacity they will pack a decent load the biggest problem is the older trucks only run LT-235/85R16 tires so you can overload the tire capacity.

    If your looking at carrying 5 ton of material you better look at a 6500 series minimum.

    The price of the truck isn't too bad but its hard to tell if its worth it without physically looking the truck over.
  4. D Felix

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    Keep in mind that the GCWR is not very good. For the heaviest if the N-series of the new Isuzu's, the GCWR is around 24k, with a GVWR of 19,500 lbs.

    I'm sure it'll pul your skidsteer or your mini-ex, but it won't pull either one very well if you have much of a payload on the truck.

    If the guy has pulled his SS very much with it, I'd be a little leary of it, since it's probably been overloaded often.

    The lack of trailer pulling ability is why we are going with an F550 instead of one of the cabovers from any manufacturer.....

  5. Gravel Rat

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    The trailer towing capacity on the COE is lacking because of the low power under the cab. The COEs prolly have plenty braking power but I doubt you could start out on a steep hill with a heavy trailer in tow.

    I know a guy that had a COE 5500 he used to climb most hills in 2nd sometimes first when he was at max gross.
  6. Eclipse

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    Did you buy this truck? Do you know if it is still available? Thanks.
  7. vntgrcr

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    Eclipse, As a matter of fact I just made the deal last night. The guy had it for sale for a month with no activity and within the last 3 days 3 of us wanted it, first one in with $ get's it. Luckily I was the one. I looked everywhere for a COE and could find nothing. I feel pretty good about the $6500. Now I just need to get it from Penn. to Mass.
  8. Eclipse

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    Congratulations on the new truck.

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