ISUZU Cabover question

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Mr Beaker, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. knox gsl

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    Standing on a 4' cheater bar should be about right.
  2. exmarkking

    exmarkking LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Tighter than tight!!! Lol, but really I don't know the torque specs. I do know than when I pur new tires on mine, I watched them remove the wheels and they used an impact gun that took two hands to hold, it was huge!!
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  3. gcbailey

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    The are to German specifications on torque...
  4. cclllc

    cclllc LawnSite Senior Member
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    Why would they be tighter than say my 1 ton Chevy? I use a heavy duty 4 way with no problems.
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  5. exmarkking

    exmarkking LawnSite Bronze Member
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    They are medium duty commercial trucks. The lug nut size if I remember correctly was something like a 38mm.
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    CLARK LAWN LawnSite Silver Member
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    Does it have Budd wheels or hub pilot wheels? Post a pic of them and I'll tell you which they are and what size. BTW I use a 1" impact to take those on and off.
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  7. Mr Beaker

    Mr Beaker LawnSite Member
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    That's what I was thinking too. I've never used a 'fleet service' etc before for a flat. Kind of worry that that is going to run $100+ to change a flat when I have plenty of space to carry one.

    Yeah, that's what I thought, but they did use a two handed air tool to get them off at discount tire. I asked the guy and I think he said over 300 ftlbs! I have a 1 ton truck too, but these lugs look a different game.

    At least the tires aren't any more expensive than a pickup truck. I went ahead and replaced 3 tires that were still above the wear bars, but close. FOr now I'll just watch the tires real close, but I'd really like to figure out a system...

    Maybe at least if I carry the spare tire in the box, a fleet side will change it out cheaper than me having to buy one on the spot from his limited inventory???:confused:

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