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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mmacsek, Jan 4, 2012.

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    I have a 1999 NQR that si great except it doesn't like the cold weather. It wouldn't start this morning,it was 11 degrees. I had the engine heater plugged in but the cord was cold. How do you check a glow plug? Thanks Matt
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    use an ohmeter between the terminal and ground ,you want continuity ,and if there is none,the glow plugs bad .You can use the same meter to check your block heater between the terminals on the plug.
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    i think you are asking two different questions and dont know it. first verify that the block heater was/is working. first make sure you have power to the cord and second that the cord is big enough to handle the load of a block heater. the longer the cord ythe heavier gauge it must be to supply enough power to the heating element for i to properly work.

    Second make sure the block heater is working. with a multimeter check for continuity between the prongs on the plug. if that is good plug it in for 4-5 hours and see if the coolant is warmed up at all. a laser therometer would help with this. it should be in the 100 degree area when warmed up. it does take a whil to heat up, you cant plug it in and then try to start it 10 minutes later. I dont know right off that an NPR has glow plugs, if they do i have yet to change any in 15 yeas as a diesel mechanic.
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    I purchased the truck used 2 years ago and used the block heater before. I usually plugged in overnight when I using it the next day. In the past when I unplugged the block heater the cord was slightly warm and this isn't the case anymore. I checked continuity and it was good. It doesn't make sense. There is a glow plug light that stays on for a while when cold. I'm sure these are basic questions but this is my first diesel. If I can fix this, I'll have the perfect truck! Thanks Matt

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    A glow plug and the block heater have nothing to do with one another. Sounds like either your block heater is bad or you have to small of an extension cord to run it. What is the length and gauge of the cord you are using?
    If the block heater is working properly then you really wouldn't need the glow plugs to fire the truck.
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