Isuzu dump or f450 dump

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Landscape 1, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. Landscape 1

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    Im in the market for a truck. I really like the Isuzu trucks but have never owned one. Currently have a chevy dump and a Ford f350 pick up. I like the compact size of the Isuzu but the power of a f450 diesel cant beat. Mostly install hardscapes and plantings. My mechanic said to stay away from Isuzu due high cost of general maintenance.
  2. BrandonV

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    the engine in the diesel isuzu is the same you'd get in a chevy- so i don't think maintenance will be that much higher. Towing will go to the ford just shear out hauling the cabover is going to give you more bed w/ less footprint. they're great for our industry. we have 2 gas isuzus, 1 diesel isuzu and one diesel fuso. stay away from fuso's new stuff (post emissions). the older ones are great.
  3. OP
    Landscape 1

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    So is the diesel worth the cost? My mechanic said a routine brake job was $2000? That's hard to justify if true. Thanks for your response.
  4. Mowing monkey.

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    I’d buy Dodge 5500. I hate ford, and don’t like the cab overs, and Chevy doesn’t make a heavy duty pickup other than the old 3500HDs. What I really did was non of the above. I have a one ton dump and a Topkick dump. My topkick has twice the capacity and significantly less cost than a 1.5 ton pickup. My 1 ton dump was paid for and I use it all the time so I keep it around.
  5. BrandonV

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    I think a brake job on one of ours was about $2k that said it was at 125k miles so it wasn’t so bad. The diesels have engine brakes that help extend. Like I said we’re not towing. The gas ones have bigg brakes much lime you’d get on a 450. If you really want to price compare maintenance to visit a Chevy commercial dealer. They sell both the cab overs and pickups.
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  6. m_ice

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  7. Marshall's Yard Service

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    Personally I'm a Ford guy.
  8. troverman

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    My vote is for the 450. Better looking, get parts anywhere, safer in frontal collision. 450s have wider front axles too and actually turn very sharply. Isuzu is more maneuverable but they are also loud inside.
  9. TPendagast

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    Many positives for medium duty trucks are that the maintenance is frequently less expensive than light duty trucks.

    The cab over is easier to access all the components on for service
    The ford cab needs to be removed for several issues that need access on the rear engine; artificially raising repair costs (added hours just reaching components and then replacing cab)

    Isuzu brake components for an npr are just over $300
    So I’m not sure what the talk about $2000 Brake jobs are about?
    Maybe someone is getting hammered on labor?
    Fleets, especially with larger trucks, are best serviced by in house techs - who aren’t going to blow things out of proportion.
    The in house mechanics job is to save money, the retail mechanics job is to find things to upcharge for.
    You went in for a brake job and came out with a $2000 bill doesn’t necessarily mean a brake job costs 2k

    Medium duty trucks go longer periods between maintenance too.
    So over the time frame of 50,000 miles, a medium duty truck will cost less maintenance than a light duty.
  10. troverman

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    An F450 is a medium duty truck...

    Unless you have a serious engine repair the cab doesn’t need to come off. Most Ford mechanics can remove the cab very quickly but it’s rare this would even need to be done.

    If cab removal was a major concern, the RAM 5500 with the inline 6 Cummins likely wouldn’t need the cab removed, even though the Ford is a little better truck.

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