Isuzu dump or f450 dump

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  1. TPendagast

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    The f450 is an overboosted lightduty on steroids
    It doesn’t sit on a medium duty frame and it doesn’t share medium duty characteristics
    It’s just a beefy pick up truck.

    I have a fleet full of 350s,450s,550s,650s and 750s

    The 650 and 750 are medium duty trucks
    They have a dna one

    450s are fat axles and springs

    You should look into everything that requires the cab to come off in the new ford picks ups
    I was astounded and confused myself when I found out.
  2. troverman

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    The Isuzu doesn’t exactly compare with a 650/750 either. In my opinion, you’d buy one if you desperately needed maneuverability. Otherwise, they are junk.

    Say what you want about the Ford 450/550 frames, but they will handle all the weight they are rated for with no problem, and they have a lot more power than the Isuzu.
  3. TPendagast

    TPendagast LawnSite Fanatic
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    Heavier engine less payload capacity
    Where’s it going with all that power? Fastest way to a speeding ticket?
    I never see f450s in fleets nearly as long as Isuzu’s/Fuso trucks either

    Once again I have a fleet of f series trucks we run.

    The Isuzu’s hold more/more do more

    You want to long haul 5th at cdl a capacity? Use a f450/550
    You want to have a universal long lasting landscape truck with a high ROI?

    We run fords (primarily) because we do half our revenue in snow operations
    They make plows for fords
    You can put a plow on an Isuzu m, I’ve done it
    But they need to be fabricated and aren’t warrantied so, in that case the ford is more versatile.
  4. troverman

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    from NH
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    I've seen the Isuzus with a plow. One out of a hundred does it. Hey, do what you want. I prefer the Ford or RAM chassis for a more comfortable, quieter cab, and more power. Half of my business is mowing fields and I'm towing a heavy trailer.
  5. Mark Oomkes

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    I spent just a hair over $2k on my Sterling L9500 on brakes all the way around plus 2 chambers. That's one of the reasons I'll never buy another medium duty with hydraulic brakes.

    450\4500\550\5500 are not medium duty trucks. Just because they can haul it doesn't change their classification.

    I like both, depends on the situation. I have the same issue with plowing though and the ability to haul a heavy load (salt) while plowing isn't quite the same with an Isuzu.
  6. troverman

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    from NH
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    Actually, they are indeed "classified" as medium duty.

    Most of the Isuzu trucks used in landscaping are the NPR series with a max GVW of 14,500 and a GCWR of 20,500. That means they can only tow 6k lbs. You can put 8500lbs on the truck itself. The F-450 starts with a GVW of 15k, and goes to 16,500lbs. It has significantly higher towing capacity as well. You can get the extremely similar F-550 which goes all the way up to 19,500GVW and much more payload.

    Isuzu does make an F-series on 22.5" rims. However, it maxes out under CDL at 25.5k, has the same engine as the NPR diesel, and can only tow a couple thousand pounds. The new Ford F-600 comes fairly close on GVW while still using the smaller F-550 chassis with the benefit of offering 4x4. Or move to a Ford 650/750 which can well exceed the F's GVW.

    So the Ford offers more power, more payload, more towing...other than sheer maneuverability I'm failing to see the advantages of the Isuzu. Maybe you can explain?
  7. Mark Oomkes

    Mark Oomkes LawnSite Fanatic
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    Sure enough, my mistake.
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  8. TPendagast

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    Salt weighs about a ton a yard... at least it’s not sand... if you try to outfit a fg4x4 with a blow, dump body and a sander, you’re overweight with one yard of sand.... it’ll do the work no problem, it’s just that legally.. it’s overweight.
    FG is still my favorite plow rig though (it would be a bobcat , but they don’t get around town too quick)
  9. greenfire

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    Check out a Hino 195.
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  10. beck

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    I own a few isuzu's and a ford f450 with the 7.3.
    The first isuzu i bought in 2006 was the nqr (18Kgvw) with the switch n go system. I don't think the engine and transmission are adequate enough for heavy hauling. we towed a 20' enclosed trailer and pushed snow with it and went thru several transmissions over the years. I did just sell it.
    We have now switched to buying the npr-hd with the 14500 gvw with a gas engine. I have heard that they are going to offer a gas with an allison transmission and have a higher gvw in the near future.

    As for the ford it has plenty of power for towing or pushing snow it just does not have as nice of a turning radius. Parts availability is much better and cheaper.

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