Isuzu/GMC NPR dump truck

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by vntgrcr, Mar 25, 2005.

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    Hey Guys,
    I just purchased a 95 Isuzu NPR turbo dump truck. It is in good shape, drove it home from Penn. to Mass with no problems. Won't go above 68MPH so that is ok. I am looking for a source for misc parts. Mirrors,injectors, oil specs, filters, some interior trim parts.Also if it is possible to mess with the timing of the injection pump. I would appreciate any help. Also, I am confused on towing capacities. I did a search and couldn't find anything specific. The truck has a 14KGVW, I understand that I can not make the truck weigh more than that with a load on it, but what about towing? What weight can I tow legally. I need to put my CAT MTL and my Bobcat Excavator on there, obviously not together. I looked for tags on door frames etc of the truck and I couldn't find any ratings. Thanks
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    Try for the parts.

    Not sure where to send you for the towing capacity of the unit. I used to tow a 863 bobcat on a tilting towmaster trailer without issues. Was probably right up against the towing limit for the truck though.

    Post some pictures if you have them.

    Good luck -
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    How many miles and how much did you pay? My mechanic advised that adding hp to an Isuzu was a bad idea, but when I was searching for an Isuzu it did seem like the timing was different on them.
  4. vntgrcr

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    It has 240K on the body and "supposedly" 60K on the motor. It is in pretty good shape, no rust on the body, but the bed needs to be blasted and painted. After the purchase I found a few things that didn't jibe with what the seller had told me. I paid $6500 for it with a backpack. I like the truck but today I put about 5 skidsteer buckets of wet dirt/mud and it wouldnt lift it. Does anyone know how much oil should be in a Fenner 12volt elec. hydraulic pump? and what kind of hyd oil I should use. The resevoir is about half full.Also the bed jumps/hesitates a little on the way down, maybe air in the system??? Please help, not the best with hydraulics.
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    David, you should try calling Showcase Isuzu in Bourne and ask the service manager some questions. He may be willing to give you some helpful advice and steer you in the right direction. Its worth a try. Good luck with the truck.
  6. vntgrcr

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    Hey Mike, I am going to go to Isuzu if all else fails. I know the owner and don't like him or his sales tactics, but he is close and convenient.
    I went to the ADI seminar in Hartford on Wed/Thu. It was really great and inspiring. Some really good info on the second day for sales, marketing and general info. Now I just need to get out there and sell a few!
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    Forget about getting more power, you are speed-limited by gearing, and are probably at/near redline going 68 mph.

    scottlandyard = Ebay user ID of guy in Northeast who has a cabover truck graveyard. His name is Scott, he used to be a landscaper and went into recycling cabover trucks.


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