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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Stripe master, Jun 30, 2003.

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    hello all! I have been researching the Isuzu trucks with the 16 foot beds for lawncare. I have heard most people say they are little to no mainteance until today. I was talking to the guys at s and s tire and they just had to put motors in both of there trucks with 130,000 miles. Anyone else heard of this? What kind of results have you all been having? Thanks
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    Wonder who was driving his company veh's?? A lot of it has to do with preventive maintenance. I believe the Isuzu trucks can go A LOT longer than 130k without an overhaul. Were they Gas engins or diesel? I doupt they were diesel.

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    Even the gas engines (mostly 350 Chevies) are going to go at least 200K. They're not big trucks, and they're geared so low, there's virtually no stress on the engines.

    Maybe it was a lack of manintenance, or they got two lemons.
  4. Stripe master

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    they were diesels. I have heard great things about them but I have also heard they "diesels" are getting rebuilt at around 240,000. It has been my experience that diesels are good for around 300,000 miles. Have you all had any problems out of your Isuzu diesels? Or have you all heard of the HINO? Any problems out of them.
  5. You can rebuild that engine in the truck. They are dry sleaved.

    Only real maint for them is change the oil at 10,000 miles check oil, check air cleaner, and rebulid the head at 240,000 miles.

    They are no speed demons, but they will get the job done at 14-16mpg.

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