Isuzu NPR dump for sale

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by vntgrcr, Oct 11, 2005.

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    Hope I am not going against the rules with this, but I have bought a bigger dump truck and have reluctantly decided to sell my NPR. It is a 95,in very good shape. I just sandblasted the body and painted it. Has a backpack that you can put a lot of tools in, 4 cyl turbo diesel, 245K miles. On it's second motor. The previous owner changed the motor a couple of years ago. Don't have any history on the new motor.All 6 tires are at least 80%. It runs great I use it to haul my CAT 257 and Bobcat 331 excavator. I use it everyday and it can be put to work right away. I have had (illegaly) 4.5 tons in the dump body. The GVW is 14500lb. It ways about 8300lb. Again, the only reason I am selling is because my septic business has outgrown it. This will make someone a great rig. $6000 firm. Please email me for pictures or more info
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    Hauling dirt pretty much over taxes any kind of truck thats lighter than a 5 ton single axle. If I was in mini excavating business I think I would buy a tandem with a lower side box so it can be loaded with mini's and bobcats.

    A guy I went to highschool with went into the mini excavating business he has been working for excavation companies for years. He decided to venture out on his own and bought a 10,000lb mini and a single axle 5 ton dump. Now he wishes he never did buy the 5 ton its handy to have but he wishes he bought a tandem. In this area there is alot more work for a tandem its kinda proved to me not to buy a single axle 5 ton :cool:

    Now I'am reconsidering why I bought a F-450 (15,000lb gvw) is it really worth trying to haul sand and gravel with a light truck.

    Good Luck with the truck sale you should probably try advertise it on Truck
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    I pm'd interested in some phots...thankx

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