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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by grasscutter24, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. grasscutter24

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    Awesome advice. I would have to check into it to see how much $ the hydraulic ramp would cost me.
  2. grasscutter24

    grasscutter24 LawnSite Member
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    pretty cool video. thanks for showing
  3. grasscutter24

    grasscutter24 LawnSite Member
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    Yea, after this past experience I could never buy another Ford. Was talking to UnknownFL in my other thread. Tough decision to make with the gas vs. diesel
  4. orlawncaresvc

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    I do recommend getting one of these. It has made operating so much easier. never again will we go back to truck and tailer.








  5. jbell36

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    man, lot of good points here…

    i agree, deleting the trailer all together is a wise choice…the electrical ALWAYS has a problem such as brakes not working, lights not working, etc., you are much longer making it a pain to park, employees always find a way to jackknife a trailer, it's one more set of tires, one more tag to pay for, i mean the list goes on and on

    the truck decision is a very difficult one as well…first, it's gas vs. diesel…if you aren't sure you need a diesel, then you probably don't…i don't need a diesel for my personal truck, but i have one…unfortunately i think about it all the time, diesels simply don't make as much sense as they did 10 years ago…more expensive initial cost, more expensive repair work, and more expensive fuel, buy quite a bit too

    i do have the 6.4 power stroke and to be honest i love it, not really any problems at 133k…but i hear it's hit or miss with the 6.4, almost always a hit with the 6.0, and always a miss with the 7.3 (as far as reliability goes)…

    a question to ask yourself is, do you do snow removal? is 4x4 necessary? the NPR is an ideal landscape truck…even with 2wd drive it's still possible to do snow removal, but i wouldn't make it the primary truck…i've had this debate multiple times, NPR or "Truck" truck…i wish 4x4 was an option, pisses me off that you can get a 4x4 NPR with safety features across seas, but here you get the basic truck…the NPR is by far the most popular landscape truck, why wouldn't you offer everything for it and flood the market with them if you were isuzu? i don't know, pretty stupid, someone could make a lot of money if they came out something similar with those options, it simply hasn't been done yet which blows my mind…ford tried but failed miserably because they have a smaller version of their infamous 6.0 under the hood (cab), but they were at least on the right track…they should realize that the reason they failed is because of the engine and fix the problem
  6. Raymond S.

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    I built my NPR rig last winter. Took a 172" wheelbase NPR and made a 14' flat plus 4' dovetail bed. Also installed a dump insert in front of the bed right behind the cab dumping to the side. Drop down sides, forward tool cage, racks, etc. by far the most efficient setup around. Even with the dovetail I had a 7' single gate with torsion spring assist. Spent some time to make it perfect and perfect it was. I have some pics in my album.
    We easily fit 2 60" ZTR with baggers, 2 push mowers, trimmers, blowers, etc. we could fit 3 ZTR mowers if we turned 2 sideways and 2 backwards with rear tires on flat and front tires in the dovetail. If you didn't elect to put a dump towards the front you could easily do an 18' or even 20' plus dovetail and have enough room for 3 ZTR mowers back to back.
    We never had issues with dragging bottom and we have a considerable dip at the entrance to our shop (probably a 3' dip from the edge of the road to our parking lot.)
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  7. ANA Proscapes

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    Post some pics of your truck. Sounds like its a killer setup.
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  8. Raymond S.

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    I can't repost pics but this should be a link to the finished project. I also have a thread from the build somewhere if you look at my threads started. Have some pics of the leaf box mounted somewhere. I left a spot in the passenger side railing for our leaf loader vac tube to stick out and it fed into the side of the box. All self contained. Slickest setup around.
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