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  1. stick

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    I was looking at some npr's the another day, ones with the dump beds on them. I know they have a 135 hp 4 cylinder desisel, test drove one, seem's like nice lawn truck. The question I have, can it tow 7,000lbs of equipment on a trailer, and still have some speed on the highway? Or should I buy a 1 ton chevy desisel?
  2. steveair

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    I use to drive NPR's for a office delivery company a few years back in college. They were nice trucks. Had a engine brake mounted on the column that was a nice feature not found on regular dumps.

    We would haul 3 pallets of printer paper around, which averaged around 2500lb each, and the truck handled it well, both locally and on the highway.

    would be nice for trailer, as the turning radius is so nice. Can maneuver around better than any pickup/dump.

    Also, the dump beds are nice and low, making loading a little easier than with some of the higher fords and dodges, though chevy's are pretty low too.

    I see a ton of landscapers using them these days, so I would have to say they are good trucks.

  3. gene gls

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    I am looking at cab overs also.In the October issue of Turf Magazine there is an ad for NPRs,$19,995 while supply last. I found a 99 left over Mitsubishi FE HD 13,500 gvw 108" WB C+C for $21,800. I need to stop thinking and make a move on it befor it disapeers.I talked with another LCO that has one and he plows with his. Loves it
  4. Guest
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    this friend that plows with the NPR. Is it 2 or 4 wheel drive? Does he have the dump or box body. And finally, where are these great buys on both of these trucks located. Give me more info.
  5. morturf

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    I have a Chevy W-4 which is the same thing. I love my truck!! I would not trade it for any one ton. My truck is the 1997 gas model (GM350 Vortec)132 inch wheelbase with a 14 ft custom made bed. It has a GVW of 14250#. When I got it it was much less than a comparable straight truck even with a custom bed. This type of truck will turn so much better than any truck you could get, if you pull a trailer it is great.

    Yesterday i had 3 tons of fertilizer, a 3000# trailer, 4000# tractor and a 1000# utility vehicle. It pulled it up and down very steep hills without complaint and has for the last 4 years.

    The Diesel was a lot more expensive...$8000 at the time. I was actually talked into the gas model by the dealer. The diesel has a lot more torque. But for me it did not make sense, 95% of my work is short haul (one block and stop). My way of thinking was, for $8000 I could put a new 350 in the thing every 5 years for the interest on the $8000. And I know it won't need one that often. I will be happy to discuss anything else if you like. email me mike
  6. landscaper3

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    Yes they are very powerful, We are looking at one with a diesel and 18foot box van that will have our business on sides and rear (rolling billboard) or we are looking at the Mitsubiti 4WD one like this. This will be a future purchase when funds are more available and will by a used one.
  7. Bobby

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    Hey Stick
    I have a friend over here in Hollywood who pulls an 18ft enclosed. No problems. He has the small four cyl.
    The only drawback is he says with insurance, the payment is 750.00 a month.(NPR diesel).
  8. SLSNursery

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    We have been running an enclosed NQR since June, and the truck works out fine. It is a little heavier than the NPR, but the motor is also bigger (190hp diesel). We do not tow with the truck, but it handles 5 tons of materials just fine, and I believe that it would tow fine. I am thinking of putting one together with a 16' flatbed/beavertail setup for next season. Isuzu doesn't offer 4WD, but I think Mitusbishi does.

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