Isuzu NQR Crew cab and body for it....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kingdomlandscapes, Jan 14, 2007.

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    Hey guys, I am looking to buy an Isuzu nqr crew cab for our lawn and maintenance guys and was wondering what you guys think about them for those that have them. I am also very interested in a body that I saw some months ago: It is an 18 to 20' dovetail with the dovetail part being detachable, and the whole bed is a dump bed....I know that this would be pricy on the front end, but very useful as well. Do any of you know any companies or sites that show a variety of these kinds of beds only?? And any sites besides trucktraderonline and ebay where I might find the truck? Thanks.
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  3. beck

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    I dont believe you can put an 18-20' body on the crew cab.
    I would look at this dealership
    I have seen them at many of the trade shows and they are in your state. I know of the body that you are talking about but do not have my bag of literature from the expo and GIE here with me. I will try to remember it over the weekend
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    Why the he## would anyone use a dovetail? 10ft long ramp folds and holds about 1800lbs.:hammerhead:
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    WIL-RO Company in Gatlin TN, phone 1 800 879 1466 They have a web site but they are up grading it right now and it did not work the other day when I called them by phone Good luck Twj You can try the web site it might be back up by now it is

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