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Isuzus & Allison automatics


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Albany,NY zone 5
I'm looking to buy a new medium duty (under 26,000 GVW) truck next year before the new 2007 diesel emissions regs. take hold. I've have had great luck with 2 previous Isuzus (rated at 17,500) one is a 2000 and other a 91. I'm sure I'll keep them but will look to upgrade my F350 one ton dump. My question is what is the feedback on the Allison automatic transmissions. I believe initially there were some problems (as with all new set ups) but have they ironed them out? My previous Isuzus were standards but it seems harder and harder to find people to use a stick, so I might consider the automatics.


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Duluth, MN
The transmissions you're talking about, are Aison transmissions. Isuzu started putting those in their trucks in '99 to replace the fragile and unreliable Jatco transmissions so many people were having trouble with. It's not that they ironed out the problems with the Jatco trannies. They just replaced them with a much heavier duty tranny.



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N Series have the Aisin transmissions
F Series have the Allison tranny

Out of the 6 N series 99 and newer, 2 trannys have been rebuilt.......1 due to driver abuse. Out of the 6, none of them can keep a front end alignment 10-15K on a set of front tires. These truck are all local every day under 250 miles a day.

The F series, have only been run since March and April of 05.....no major repairs. 95% highway miles 1500 plus a week. Only compliant from the drivers when in local traffic with a heavy load...SLOW!

I'm an Ops manager for an A/C distributor so these truck do see some weight and miles. Both F series run double duty, a day and a night run, alternating 3 and 4 days a week.