It amazes me!

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    at the # of people with "super-nice" houses that can't afford to have their grass cut or are too lazy to do it themselves.

    I know that this has been talked about and re-talked about here at LawnSite, but it has never rang as true as here recently. I've lost more quotes this year over a few piddly bucks than ever before. I have even had several customers tell me face to face that they'll go ahead and go with me, but they may have to bail out later on as they are unsure that they will be able to afford my service. Huh!? (They tell me this while standing in front of their 2003 luxury car parked at their 1/4 million dollar house.) Amazing!

    I'm typically not a complaining sort of person, but this is starting to get flat-out ridiculous!

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    Heck, my 2 bedroom brick rancher on a little more than an acre is now worth a quarter mil. :rolleyes:

    And I do have a luxury car too! :D

    Does that make me stingy......NO!

    The ones that you think have it....DON'T!

    The ones that you think are poor, never once complain about the price.

    Around here it's the $500-750K houses and multiple $80K luxury mobiles that your seeing more and more of.

    Take a look in a newer development. The upscale ones (regardless of price, but lets say over 250K) As soon as you see a new person move in, its only a matter of a few months before they go in hock for that new Beemer or Benz to keep up with the neighbors. Nothing says more about a person than his/her car.

    Sorry to rant.
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    There is a new development near me where I am installing some yards for one of the builders.... 230,000 gets you a 1300 square foot starter rambler on a 4500 sq. ft. lot!

    But back on topic, it is the same here. Some 500-700,000 dollar homes with horrible yards but some shiny SUV's in the driveway!
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    They are strapped just like everyone else is......Oh except us at lawnsite, haha! :D

    They live in the same world as we do. Everyday all you see is get more credit, or no down payment, no payment for 6 months or a year blah blah blah. Everyone can fall into this craap if they are not careful, especially if they are trying to live beyond what they can afford, and or trying to keep up with the other neighbors.

    I will not ever forget talking a realtor when we were looking for another house. She told me many times, "Oh you can afford much more", but we said no. Its hard to say no and it hooks people into bitting off more than they can chew.

    Have now, pay later hurts everyone no matter if you live in the projects or a million dollar house.
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    It's all about what those peoples' priorities are. Some people like to take fancy vacations, others like to live in big, expensive houses, others like to drive fancy high dollar cars. "you can't have it all"

    Case and point, I have a friend who will drop $50,000 on a landscaping job without question, he frequently goes on nice vacations with his family (at least 1 or 2 a year), spends $75,000 a year to spend his 2 kids to school, leases a nice SUV, has a Mercedes, and a new Subaru. His house, while very nice, is only about 2,000 sq. ft. You can't have it all.
  6. A couple of hundred thousand here, a couple of hundred thousand there. Pretty soon, you're talk'n real money...

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