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  1. Frue

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    Looking for ideas on what to do when your mowing is shot. It is really dry so I am looking for tips from those who went through some dry times and made it. Lets here it fellas, lets here from the pros. Guys are already being laid off around here. I average about 50 hours a week that was cut in half last week and I only have 9.5 in this week. Thanks in advance on the replies.
  2. 1MajorTom

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    Wow, that's not too far away from us. Sorry to hear that, but we are getting rain just when we need it. We just got at least another 3/4 inch today.
    Now's the time to step up the hedge trimming, and do some bed maintenance, mulching etc. Sell, sell, sell to your existing customers. I know it's easier said than done, but you got to ask and make suggestions to your current customers for other work.

    We've gone thru tough times, but we always carrry enough accounts to always get thru.
    You can also start advertising some other services, general hauling, pool cleaning, deck cleaning. Depends upon how hungry you are, how far you want to differentiate into other things.
  3. Frue

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    we got maybe a 10th of an inch out of the same storm. it is now windy so there went that. I am now hitting the maintenance side of the list but if this keeps up I will run thru this list in about three to four weeks. Ever lose your whole list?
  4. lasher66

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    I went from mowing 20 yards a day down to about 5. Every lawn is burnt to a crisp here in northwest ohio. Hope to get rain soon. The trick to making it through dry times is budget your money in the spring. I cut enough in the spring that it can get me by until fall if need be. Hope thats not the situation though.

  5. Superbrock

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    We had a severe drought in Florida earlier this year. The only thing that got me through was using Moisture Manager I bought from Lesco. It works similar to a wetting agent, but it pulls moisture from the air directly to the root system.
  6. deereequipment

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    southern Maryland here.
    Same problem.
    TOns of storms throughout the area over the past couple of months, but when they reach my county (no lie) they break up and go away. In the past 2 months, we have had 6 tenth's. Of course the D.C. news channels mentioned that we could use a little rain the other day... they don't have a clue. Same thing happened last night and tonight, storms break up adn disappear right when they reach us.

    Gone from weekly, to every other week, to every 3 and 4 weeks right now.
    Skip some one week, and then skip others the next week. We are working every day, but only half days. We will needs 2-3 days of steady rain, just to get this burnt grass to even think about growing again.

    I have a little $$ from the spring, that will get me through. Have to reconsider any large purchases. Hoping for alot of leaf clean ups this fall.

    Any other suggestions of what people are doing?
  7. Vikings

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    I always thought most of you Americans were on monthly contracts.
  8. jkingrph

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    I'm not in business, but can appreciate your hurt. Here in E. Texas, I mowed last Sat. morning and again today, removing almost 6"mof growth. With all the available moisture as soon as the heat cranks up it will really be growing. The guys in the mowing business probably will not be able to keep up.
  9. MOturkey

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    Sounds like here last year. This year is just the opposite. I, literally, was cutting 8 to 10 inches of 7 day growth in some places today. Hope some of the rain moves on east to you guys.
  10. lawncare18

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    dry here to... just keep watering i guess... im ready for fall and winter...

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