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It pays to ask...


LawnSite Senior Member
I got to tell ya about this...Last week while shopping at a GOOD SIZED plaza near me I noticed the lot was a mess,so I asked one of the store manages whats up with the lot...he too was not happy.He gave me the name of the landload,when I got home I gave them a call...they had someone lined up already to take care of it but they took my name and information and said thank you anyway.Within a hour the phone rang it was them.Do you want this account,I was asked,Sure do!!!Within the hour I was speading ice melt and have pushed it off two times so far.This is a big one for me and will help make my winter.Thanks to SIMA and all of you here for your help in making this happen.To all,have a great and safe X-mass!!JRB
I too have gotten good accounts like that.About ten years ago a friend took me to his bosses house,a large commercial roofer.He said his landscaper quit, not being able to drive thirty miles from the suburbs to do one large estate/farm property. Well now we do 25,ooo gross at that property and he turned me on to another 20,000 estate/farm property. great to be at the right place at the right time! jammin