It took me 2 weeks to aerate my lawn!!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by LawnBoy89, Oct 11, 2008.

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    I have one that has a T handle and 2 core tines mounted on the bottom, you step on it to push them into the ground and eject the plugs. Now THAT would take 2 weeks, but at least you would have done a good job! It is kinda handy, for my own lawn, when I have a spot that's not taking water well. I can poke a bunch of holes in the area with that.

    (I bought mine when I was like 14 :rolleyes: )

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    we use one that you pull behind your mower its pretty much a drum with 2 1/2" spikes. Fill the drum with water and cruise around poking holes everywhere. On harder surfaces it doesnt work to well though. Needs to be heavier
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    The one Jason has there is good for inspecting the clients' lawns. It is what I use to see the thatch layer and how far down the water goes into the soil etc.
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    Well you think more than I do... I never even thought of doing this! not that I want to get more into the aeration biz. But if I had help I could probably upsale over half my lawn customers by pulling some plugs with it and showing them just how bad the thatch is, and if there's none, well...
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    Come October I take the Velke's off the walk behinds and we all wear Golf Shoes.

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