It won't burn greenery.

Discussion in 'Eureka Fluid Film' started by Dano50, Apr 6, 2006.

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    To reinforce the fact that Fluid Film will not burn greenery and is safe to use around grasses or plants, we sprayed a heavy dose directly on a few bushes and plants around our facility. These pictures were taken over a week after the plants were sprayed. As you can see there was no browning whatsoever. That was done over two months ago, and since then the plants have never shown any negative effects.
    That flower opened after Fluid Film was applied.
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    That pic on the bottom looks a little rusty:jester:
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    That's just a rusty thread your looking at. :laugh:

    You had to go back a ways for that one. I'm glad you popped it back up. I thought those pics were pretty remarkable, especially when you consider the amount of time Fluid Film was on there.

    Nothing lasts longer. :weightlifter:

    Won't burn greenery or harm paint, plastic or rubber (some swelling can occur with 100% natural rubber).

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