It's 32 deg. time to go to work!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HOMER, Dec 21, 2000.

  1. HOMER

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    Just curious, is there a temp. that you will not work in or one that you wait to arrive before you get at it. Or maybe your just one gung-ho summpinernother and charge out no matter what conditions are.

    I really ain't a big fan of cold weather so I kinda wait till it's at least above the freezing mark. I know some of you Yankees can handle it with no problem but this winter is terrible compared to the last 3 or 4, and today is the first official day! I'm used to 55-60 deg. temps all winter long, a cold day would never get out of the 40's and a real cold day wouldn't get out of the 30's. I think I'm in for a long winter and may have to make some adjustments mentally, can't just sit around, got work to do. I suppose if it stays this way very long I will become acclimated to the new and improved, bug free weather but it's going to be tough, and I will fight it tooth and nail.

    Oh well, it's 32 so I better get to puttin' those layers of clothes on.


    P.S. At least it has rained a little this fall, maybe that trend will continue.
  2. Greenkeepers

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    What are you going to be doing??
  3. It all depends. Forty degrees is around the cut off point for me in my old age.

    Forty calm and sunny is better than fifty and fully overcast with a 25 mph NW wind.

    Besides all this snow (only 3" outside my window) and cold weather keeps the crime rate down for the gangbangers stay inside more.

    Plus I need at least 3 months off a year for computer science projects.
  4. Twotoros

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    I got a call a couple days before thanksgiving to mow a lawn one mor time. I had a choice of two days so I picked the sunny one . Both were below freezing a little and half the lawn was froze and frosted out. I did not like it but the customers lawn had grew enough to be mowed again.
  5. Toroguy

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    I agree with the 32 degree cut off HOMER stated. The cold does keep the hoodlums indoors. Here in MN it is 11AM and it is still -7 degrees. The local crime that occurs this time of year is vehicle theft. People start their cars to warm them up, then go inside while the temp become comfortable inside the car. Well a thief afoot would rather drive away in your warm running car than walk in dangerous temperatures. It is a ticketable offense to leave your unoccupied car running.
  6. stick9

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    We will go no matter how cold, as long as their isn't snow stuck in the beds or on the grass .. I mean, a certain amount is ok (like just a trace), but when you get over .1 of an inch, it starts becoming a problem .. so, then we just wait.

    We will be out when it's 2 degrees out, as long as it isn't snowy ... (I'm glad we're done for the year though .. it's like -20 degrees everyday with windchill) ...

  7. Premo Services

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    I live in missouri and I had put a lot of work off until the temps fell . It was getting to be the nice weather to do the hard work, then 2 weeks ago the temps went into the single digits and has never came back up,also about 14-16 inches snow so I will have to wait till this melts so I can get all the work I planned to do done before spring when I get too busy to do it.I don`t mind working when its 20 degrees and the work is a lot easier to do for me,also these are bid jobs so I can work faster get done quicker.
  8. Eric ELM

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    It's 4 degrees here and I just got home from plowing since 3AM a couple hours ago. Going back out in 2 hours since it's drifting now and the chill factor is 28 below zero. Later tonight it will get down to 10 below zero with chill factors of -45 or more. My cut off of temperatures for going to work is if my truck won't start.

    Want to come up and help me Homer. :)
    I can see you shivering now. :)
    Better yet, can I come down and help you?
  9. Richard Martin

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    As long as the wind isn't blowing I try to go out and work. Sometimes it can be difficult to get motivated though.
  10. tranum

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    homer, i just got in from 2 leaf jobs. the last hour & fifteen minutes in a pretty good rain. has the water made it to you yet? think the forecast is calling for rain to stop tonight & a low of 16 in the morning. that will be a mess with all this moisture...think i'll stay off the roads tomorrow. as far as how cold is too cold, if i got work to do then i just go.

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