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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by yard_smart, Jun 15, 2008.

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    Hello Guys :waving:

    I have made several post and never really introduced my self . . . So here goes

    My name is DJ Carroll I'm 19 and I own 3 companies (the ones in my sig :laugh:) I also go to school full time. I am well know on the power washing boards and have learned a ton from them. So I figured it couldn't hurt to join here and make some more friends and learn even more. I have helped out with several post in the power washing section and hopefully that will make up for my noob questions on the lawn care end lol . . .

    Now to the important stuff . . . I have a 6x12 open trailer 50'' Cub ztr 2 stihl trimmers fs 45 and fs 90 <-- recently purchased i also have a stihl blower . . . im in the market for a stick edger if any one has suggestions. I also have a 21'' push mower . . . I am fully licensed and insured also (thats very important to me ) I do about 12 resi accounts and mow for the city of Worthville and do 3 comm. accounts. . .

    I use to be just the college kid with the mower and power washer but have made a turn in the past couple months . . .i'm now looked at in the community as a bright young entrepreneur :D I am trying to find ways to set Yard Smart out away from the competition. I am very interested in the striping i think that is something i can sell on also, i am known very well as being high priced (and im happy about that)

    Well thats all i can think of now besides saying thanks to all the pro's i know im going to learn alot from . . . .thanks all!!!
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    As far as the stick edger goes, I would stay with Stihl and go with the FC 90. Once you get so many different pieces of equipment it is nice to be able to bring them all to one dealer not several because each piece is a different company.
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    i have an FC 75 that im thinking of me if interested.

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