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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by fastpine, Apr 16, 2012.

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    I am about to start sending my new employee out on maintenance jobs by himself. I am looking for an efficient, effective way to convey the details needed for that job to him. Obviously he will have some form of list, maby a diagram, but my main concern is the details,,. I have countless customers that want "this branch trimmed, not that branch" or something like " i just spread wild flower seeds in this area, please dont disturb it"..Since my employee wasnt there for the estimate he wont know which branch not to trim or not to rake over the small 4'x4' section in a ranndom part of a 1+acre propperty. I want to avoid having to write out a paragraph or two on a work order all for one branch.

    I was thinking maby I could make a video with my phone of me walking the propperty and going over everything so he can watch it before the job..Maby email it to him so he can watch it in the truck at the jobsite on a smart phone..

    How do you convey job details to your employees?
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    you will find that sometimes it is actually just easier to go to the site with him when you have specifics and point things out. Routine maintenance should not be an issue. Usually we just explain what needs to be done and we draft up a work order that details what should be done. Dont go crazy explaining things, keep it simple. I wouldnt do the video thing.
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    You are going to spend more time trying to make a video, then uploading it, editing it because there was a bunch of useless crap, still explaining to your employee that you are going to send them a video, highlighting the key parts of the video on the work order....ect.

    Sometimes it just faster to go to site
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    After all that its almost a sure thing that the wrong branch will get cut.
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    If you need to 'draw a picture' for an employee, then its a mistake to have him out on his/her own at all... Some people shouldn't even be allowed to mow the lawns... certainly not run pruners or weedeaters... :)

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