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Its alot


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Farm it out, to a local Farmer. You'll look pretty silly running around 9 acres with a lawn tractor or hose. :)


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buy a ride-on. after that, figure out your costs & time. on a large property like that, your not going to be able to charge a residential square footage price. just figure out what is worth it for you to make money

Young Bros

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Spirit Lake, IA
If you can't afford a ride on, price it so in a year or two you will make enough profit on it to purchase at least a used a ride on. We have a per acre price that is competitive in our area. On a large commercial property like 6 or more acres we cut a better deal than one acre. Just make sure you make a reasonable profit. No sense in doing it just to do it.

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Can;t tell you what to charge as I dont know your costs and overhead. You need to figure your costs and overhead plus what you want to make on the job. I would tell you to go higher than lower if this is your first foray into larger sites, you can lose your shirt if you underprice it, dont want to pay for the learning experience to much.

I can tell you that I did not buy my first ride on until AFTER I had pushed a spreader and pulled hose over my first 10 acre site 3x. After the 3rd time I decided I was crazy....but by then the machine was justified and able to be purchased.

It kinda depends on your other work whether you want/need a machine or not.