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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bassman, Jul 28, 2000.

  1. Bassman

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    If I'm missing something here please respond and give me your opinion. I've been full time only 3 weeks. I am firm about my compensation averaging $30 hour. Of course I don't tell the customer that but figure it in my estimated time to do the work requested. The better paying jobs so far are weeding, mulching, decorative stone work with weed block liner, hedge & shrub trimming and pruning, etc. I bid these at $40/hour after learning very quickly that they are MUCH more demanding physically. I am just learning the art of bidding properly & had been too low on a few non mowing jobs so decided to take the advice of another poster on this board to bid 25% or so over what I thought was my time involved for a hedge and plant trimming job. Bid was accepted. This worked out to app. $50 hour. Customer was happy and so am I. Helps offset some of the cheapskate fixed income mow my lawn every two weeks for the price of weekly cut customers. All you veterans probably know this but wanting comments. So far prospects for non mowing landscape work don't seem to bat an eye at paying decent compensation for the work involved. <br>Anyone else find this type work much more lucrative? I'd rather be on my ztr all day but can't pass up the revenue for the more physically draining but well paying work.<br>Bassman
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    I found this work to be much more profitable.<br>I try to have a few trimming, mulching, or other landscape jobs on the back burner for when it is too wet or dry to mow.<br>Alot for physical work.
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    for what it's worth as an opinion, I don't do much landscaping.<p>the money is good but I can't stand to stay in the same place very long. two days in the same place would drive me nuttier than I already am. I need clean air---mow, trim, blow and get the heck outta there. unless, of course, I can clean some gutters next door to each other.<p>GEO
  4. EarthWorks

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    That is exactly why I sold my mowing accounts last spring. Started looking at numbers verses headaches. I feel I am better at landscaping and enjoy it more. Mowing is continuous and pretty steady I agree but mowing has low entry barriers which equals low prices and more competition. If I were to enter the mowing market again it would be on large commercial, industrial type sites.
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    I do alot of landscape designing and instalation. I have no training in the feild of landscape design but have a natural talent for it i guess you can say. There is a huge amount of money in landscaping but to get this money you have to be very creative and no your stuff. Alot of &quot;Landscapers&quot; are installing new landscaping without any theme or rythem. It looks like crap when these guys around here are just putting in a row of rodadendrens and a row of azalias and calling it landscaping. Just this year alone i am about to start my 4 landscaping job where the landscaping was already done a year or 2 ago. The landscapes were done very plain with no design at all... no height in the landscape and no color. I love designing and installing landscaping and charge very well for it. I figure all my landscaping bids at around 100-150 an hour labor and mark up nursery stock considerably. Eventually my goal is to Get over to doing mostly landscaping and landscape maintenance and discontinue mowing a little at a time because the money just dosnt compare and its no fun! I just wish guys would stop trying to landscape that have no idea how to do it... on the other hand... i keep getting new landscape jobs from there f-ups so keep em coming!
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    Im not big on landscaping, I prefer the mowing since its always going to be there and I dont have to fish for the next job.<p>FWIW a local nursery advertises &quot;20 minutes for $20&quot; they come to your house look around the yard and give you a plan complete with material lists for upgrading your landscaping. They do a booming business just with this, two guys full-time on the road knocking out plans.<p>Bill
  7. Currier

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    It is so true that everyone thinks they can mow...and most if joe homeowner does a lousy job mowing or his cut rate outfit does a lousy job,the evidence will probably fade in a few days. A permanent landscape job is a whole new ballgame. It was stated in an earlier conversation that the more advanced fields get more respect and generally more money with less grumbling. I have to agree.
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    Landscaping has always been more profitable than maintenance. But when the economy slows, landscaping is one of the first things people will put off until later. William Gillette didn't get rich selling razors, but selling razor blades.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana
  9. OP

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    I'm getting old fast from taking on the weeding, stone work, mulching, make my neglected property look great jobs. When I'm done with one especially difficult job, I just want to mow, edge, trim and blow for a couple days. But the money is sooo good. Guess you take on whatever possible to make that bottom line look good in this biz. Like a previous poster, I don't like being stuck in one place for a lengthy time, drives me nuts. But sure do like the compensation. At the end of the day,,Coors light helps kill the pain, then take it to the bank!<br>Bassman <br><p><font size="1">Edited by: Bassman
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    Sure, landscaping pays more money but I don't like doing it. And since I'm my own bosss I get to do what I like to do.

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