It's bound to happen to everyone of us.


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The other day i was doing one of my commercail accounts an out of the corner of my eyes i see a white car with some kinda sticker on the door.A moment later it was right next to me ,shut off the ol'fs74 and looked up..........Yes ladies and gentalmen"srcubs" worst nightmare
THE MAN yes the code enforcment officer.Now iv,e been working this full time for about 5 years now and have never been aproached by one.After i showed him my high priced paper with city stamps on them we spoke for about a 1/2 hour..nice guy,told somthings ,like " If you ever lose a bid to someone who you think might not be licenced ,nomatter how small just call this phone number on the card and he'll go to work..."He was a very nice person to deal with and it just made me fell kinda go to hear verbally what i allready
knew.....SO HAVE YOUR STUFF TOGETHER these guy have a job to do and part of it is to keep a log of the bizz in their route area ..if your playing right thier be your best freind in the feild,if your not.....we'll lets just say i like wear i am standing.


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Sounds like he's the "scrub patrol".


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We don't either, but my wife took a good picture today when we were traveling of an escort/trailer lawn guy setup. I see way too many of these types in my area. But most customers can tell who the real professional is anyways and I can command 2-3 times what the scrubs charge. The pic wasn't taken with a dig. camera so it will be a few days before it is up.


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Well, I know to some of you this sounds good, but what's next? Do you really think that Big Brother Code Enforcement can save or protect you from the scrubs? By putting your faith in the gov't, you're giving up much control of your personal destiny not just in this area but in many others--you need to beat the scrubs by outmowing, outtrimming, outworking them, not by relying on some all-knowing governmental authority. Do you really want to live in a country where any bozo with a uniform and a badge can check your papers to see if you're legal?

If I sound bitter, it could have to do with the headline in our local weekly 'GRADING POLICY PLOWS FARMERS!' Cutting a long story short, the all-knowing, benevolent government employees in our county [Snohomish County, WA] have decreed that there is no difference between development activity such as clearing and grading and plowing a field. All that's left is for them to come up with a way to get us to obtain permits when the fields are plowed. I cut thousands of tons of grass for cow feed each year and have to plow the fields every couple of years requiring a permit so how long will it be before you are required to get a permit to mow someone's lawn? Oh it can't happen here, right? Well, I'd be glad to fax anyone interested a copy of the latest article to verify this. Just let me know on this board. Master your own destiny, don't rely on the government to take care of your problems for you or you could lose it all.
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We have city inspectors come by and see if contractors have city licenses. Well you have to have a updated sticker on your truck. So they just ride by and look for that sticker that shows you have paid there fee for operating in the city. Of course we have building and codes inspectors.


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In CT its the Dept of Revenue Services (sales tax) who do the checking. Two officers approached me a couple years back (they had to trudge quite a ways off road to where I was). I keep my tax cert copy in my wallet (its required to have it on-site at all times) If you didnt have one they had 3 options and depending on their mood was which one you got: 10 days to provide proof of compliance if you are already registered, pay the fee on the spot for a reg number, or have your truck and equip impounded.

They told me that, out of the dozens checked that day, I was the only one with a cert on hand, the rest had to either dig up a copy or reg on-site. About as anti scrub as we get around here.


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I am real lucky my wifes father is the code enforcer in the town we live in. My opion is they have a bad rap on them. If you had a complaint with someone or something there are there to help you. Plus like in our town we have a ton of out of staters that own camps (200k plus camps) and they try to pull so much illigal stuff even the DEP would flip, My hats off to the code enforcers and a little advise being related to one stay on there GOOD side! WOW nobody up here has city licences or others only one needed up here is fertilizer license if you want to be a applicator!

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I would pay his wages to get the code man here . I offered the revenue dept . info here and they said they don't have the man power to check it out . They have the time to send my tax forms and process my check , no prob.

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i like the idea of having some form of county permit to mow,it MIGHT cut down the competition.they should have it here,waaay too many weekend warriors cutting down the price.doesn't matter if i show up with 40 grand worth of equipment i cannot "command" a higher price because people just don't give a hang,they want can talk till you're blue in the face about being professional,showing up,nice cuts etc.etc.they just don't don't know how many times i've heard from people- how much??? oh, that's too much ($30.00) all we've EVER payed is $25.00.that's when i tell them i wish i can pay 1970 prices for my truck and equipment,it's usually a losing battle and a big waste of time playing the estimate game here.i've actually started to refuse work in certain areas because i know that the prople will only pay up to a certain amount.As far as the scab- i would love to employ some stong arm tactics ie.bash his equipment, hurt the scab,etc.put him out of business.