Its Demo Time..Exmark Lazer Z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AltaLawnCare, May 8, 2002.

  1. AltaLawnCare

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    I'm getting ready to demo a 2001 60" Lazer Z 23 Kaw.:D

    I checked out Dixie, and although the controls were super smooth, I just can't get over the deck height adjustment.
    I only ran the Dixie in the lot of the dealers and there wasn't nothing to mow, the controls were smooth, but the deck height adjustment....:(

    I have a Toro 52" I know how it cuts.

    The Exmark deck makes the Toro's deck look like a joke.
    The Exmark brochure makes Toro's look like a joke.
    The Emark Website,....well you get the picture.

    Exmark is here, and I've noticed they give very good support - even on weekends.

    MWS Lawn bought 2 Exmarks, he really likes his, and he has quite a few hours logged on commercial equipment.

    I'll report back....
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    i may not get back tonite ,but whats wrong with the dixie deck lift.
    iive never seen one except on a trailer on the way to charlotte.
  3. AltaLawnCare

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    The deck lift on a chopper is a foot pedal - a small one too, that ratchets - you stomp on it - click-click-click, until the deck is at the right height - then let it down...
    reminds me of using a come-a-long. If you get used to, I guess it would be OK- but no where near the foot assist and lever on the Lazer.
    I don't think the chopper I drove was set up 100% correctly either, I think they're more sensitive to tire pressure, and other fine adjustments.
    The chopper I drove was, well choppy. On rough ground it bucked back and forth violently....I felt like Gene Wilder on the mechanical bull in 'Stir Crazy" !!

    On to the demo...
    The '01 didn't have the 'excaliber blades', but it mowed down dandelions at full speed much beter than the Toro, although I hadn't tried the new high lifts under the Toro on heavily dandelioned lawns yet.
    And much to my surprise 9.5 MPH felt slower than 7 MPH on the walk behind. This is where the weight of the machine is an advantage - on bumpy ground. I only had to slow down slightly in really bumpy areas. The Velky used to beat me to death.
    The grass was pretty short so I couldn't get a good comparison on the clippings
    The last time I mowed this property was in the rain on the Toro,I didn't see any windrowing, but a little clumping, although I did double cut it.
  4. AltaLawnCare

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    I wanted to demo on this particular prop. because it has some steep banks. I just knew I would have to use the Toro for half of it. As it turned out I never used the Toro at all.
    I ran all the banks side to side, one time I hit a bump and the whole mower slipped about 2 inches down hill - but it was no problem. The Z felt very safe and sure footed on all the banks - I was going really slow.
    On the steepest bank, the Toro would always slide the uphill tire, so I would hve to hold against it to keep it from shooting down hill.
    I used to dread mowing it - this time it was soo easy it was fun!

    The '02 has different hydros, I think. The hydros on this didn't feel very smooth, and were noisy. This is the only bad thing I could find.
    I like the separate choke knob (something the Toro lacks).

    This was a public property, and people started raining in. A guy wondered into the open field (the first area I mowed with the dandelions) and started driving golf balls, and some kids started playing baskeball on the opposite end of the parking lot.
    So, I cranked up the LawnBoy and hit the small spots with that...
    with people around I like to look like I'm working harder.;)
  5. TLS

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    You WILL be happy with the 60" Lazer. My only suggestion would be to go for more HORSEPOWER!!! The 23 is ideal for the 52", but on the 60" you will be marginal when you get into heavy stuff!

    (Just remembered, they dont offer a 23 on the full size Lazers. Are you sure its a 23hp?)

    Today I was mowing a customers "meadow" . First cut of the year. The grass/weeds were over top of the caster bearing caps (at least a foot high!) I was cutting at 4" and never saw the RPM's drop below 3550 (3750 normally). This would not have been nearly as much "fun" with the 23hp Kawi :(

    I agree 1000% about the deck lift on the DC. It was cumbersome in '97 and now they went ahead and made it even harder to work with some type of lock or something? Plus its 5/8" increments on the DC while Lazer has 1/4".

    Think TORO's website is a joke....Ever visit DC's??? Its not much better than their owners manuals!
  6. AltaLawnCare

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    The 23 Kaw isn't available, but the Kohler is - with the cool new air cleaner assembly..:cool: Its the LZ23KC604.

    This brings me to PART 2, heavy growth..
    There is a open approximate 2 acre field on my property. Last few years I've finished mowed it with the JD towing the Toro..:rolleyes:
    Its about 18" to 20" tall now (haven't mowed it this season at all, was going to bush hogg it because I hate mowing so much.
    I put the Lazer in it when I got home at 8:20, mowed until pitch back and the dew was getting it wet.
    Only in the thickest places did it pull the govenor in - it handld it better than I expected, I did slow down and it will have to be re-cut, but this stuff was tall and thick. They must have those things set up to get as much power to the blades as possible.:)
    I almost finished it (9:00) when it was just too dark, and I was covered with grass. I hope the Kohler has this much power.

    I bet the 25 and larger are impressive. I'll put the Kohler (mine..;) ) in it this weekend and report on the comparison between the two.

    The 23 is all I can afford the Kohler 25 is 600.00 more, and Kawasaki 25 is 800.00 more...:(
  7. AltaLawnCare

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    Toro's website is a joke. On the front page there's a homeowner flying a kite - I don't know what that has to do with commercial equipment.
    I think Toro is going more after the homeowner market competing against Dixon, Cub, JD...

    Toro owns Exmark, so I don't think they are putting much energy into their commercial line anymore. But maybe they'll sell millions of those $4999.00 Timecutters and homeowners can mow at 7MPH!!:p

    The deck height adjustment worked great - very easy to lift up to trailer load.
    On the Toro, I have to stop, cut it off, lift the heavy @zz deck and move 4 pins.
    I didn't smell like exhaust since the engine was behind me, and didn't get nearly as much blow back and dust from the deck.

    The ability to back up is like a whole new dimension. I purposely 'stopped tire zereoed turned' and turned uphill trying to slide the braking tire like the Toro does, but it never did.

    Running the straight ways was fun because it was going soo fast. Turning around at the end was even funner. I would head left, slowly stop and pull the left stick back farther putting that tire in reverse and ease the right side forward...
    I think this what you all are talking about a "K" turn..:D

    Can't waituntil tomorrow.. I'll go by the car wash, clean up the demo and take it back to the dealer and pickup my 23Kohler '02..with those excaliber blades.:D

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    All I can say is demo the 26efi Kohler. One bad machine. Have one, love it! Lots of power and a great cut. May cost a little more (about 8500) but I can assure you it will pay for itself in no time. :D
  9. SLS

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    Exmark stopped offering the 23 Kawasaki for 2002 on the 60" versions. It was available on the 2001's.

    I have one....and just hit the 500 hour mark today.

    The only thing that I have replaced so far, besides oil and filters, is the mule drive belt. I did it last sunday.

    So far this has been an excellent machine. Horsepower has not been a problem for my application as I cut mostly eack week and have a few that go 10 days. Even the thick, wet stuff is done nicely...although I do have to slow down a little. I've had to double cut only when I've gotten behind...but that was to eliminate clippings...not stringers, etc. It also handles a double-blade setup with no problems.

    Too much horsepower is never a bad thing and the next one will probably be a 25 or 27 (heck, I would shoehorn a 426 HEMI into it if possible)....but I have no regrets for buying the 23 Kawasaki.

    I LOVE this machine!

    I hope you have enjoyed the demo thus far. :D
  10. awm

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    good report on the evaluation.
    this is the type info that help us all.

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