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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Kkane97, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Kkane97

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    My goal for this year was to get more accounts. I managed to initially get 12 more this year but ended up dropping 3 so I was at 12 accounts total. I thought that was a pretty good improvement from last season, but most if the 12 accouts are garbage yards and I can't really move anywhere with them. No one cares about stripes or edging etc just hack it down and heres your money. About 5 people really care how their yards are and have done a few extras hedge trimming mulch etc. But yesterday I got a call about a new account. In a neighborhood I have wanted to get in too! $75 a cut 45 mins with hedge trimming edging mulching aeration dethatching and fall leaf clean ups in the future! Everyone cares about their yard. I figured I would post a few pics of it, it is on our towns gardening tour as well!

    I hope this account could lead to other properties in the area!








  2. Good for you, great job! All my accounts are like this and trust me, they are money makers. Pruning, cutbacks, fert, plant replacements, tree work,etc. these are the kind of properties that lead to more quality accounts. Upsell the hell out of it.
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  3. Kkane97

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    Thanks! Its nice to say, I could also offer ______ for .... and have them say yes before you even get to the quote haha.
  4. nparish

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    Congratulations, It's always a good feeling when you nab a property you can actually take pride in. It's also a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your skills to the rest of the neighborhood.
  5. FinerCutslawnCare

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    Congrats! Keep getting accounts like this and start weeding out the crap yards. We all started out with crap yards, but be smart and weed them out. In the long run say you mow a crap yard full of weeds, but then go to a yard like the one in your pic and mow, spreading all the weeds around from the last account isn't worth it, especially if you are doing a turf program on it. This is just my thought process.
  6. Kkane97

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    Good points... Would the fact that I scrape the deck between mowings change that though? I always do because I dont mow house to house to house and I find it helps with the discharging.

    I hope to get a few more accounts in this area, and maybe get some referals to their equally lawn loving friends :) :waving:
  7. FinerCutslawnCare

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    A clean deck with razor sharp blades is a must. For now that will be fine, but for years to come when your banging 20 out in a day, which hopefully you will ;) you wont have time to clean your deck so just make sure you take care of the same types of yards. A lot of people don't think about it and trust me I was guilty of it the first couple years I was in business I will be the first to admit it!
  8. TriCountyLawn

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    Cool beans , Its nice to get in a nice neighborhood. I have finally got a few in the area I have wanted to as well.
  9. nparish

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    Not to mention pests and or diseases.
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  10. JDz425

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    Congrats, I hope to get some yards like that. I have 11 yards in total but only like 5 or so are nice and kept up by the home owner... all the rest have weeds growing in the beds,bad planting, you name it. I ask if they me to clean it up and stuff and they say they will do it, which I know they wont.

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