It's getting bad down here in FL.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SunState Lawn Care inc, Dec 3, 2009.

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    I looked at a job today for a lady she wantd the yard done it had been a while since it was last mowed, it was a larger residential for the area and on a lake. I bid 75.00 on it she also wanted the shrubs trimmed up I told her 40.00 more on that then she said she just wanted to remove another large bush so I charged her 15.00 to remove it and haul it away. She was good with the price and said she had to talk to her spouse I said great just let me know. She calls back later and said her husband found someone to do it all for $40.00 :hammerhead::wall Folks are working for next to nothing these days around here.
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    the only thing ,so far, that i have noticed from a "lagging" economy is i picked up fewer new customers this year. these guys getting laid off from the factories thinking they can run a business for little more than what they were getting at the factory won't last.

    However, how long will they last? is it going to be a year,2 or 3? I am not going to do it YET! but we might have to think about " if you can't beat them join them" . break even on a customer now and keep the flybys at bay until they decide to go back to work. then take the price back up. I'm just Saying.
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    It will never happen unless you take a lose per job. These guys are conducting business without licenses, insurance, and decent equipment.
  4. Wow, that's pathetic.

    I bid a job that was referred to me about 2 weeks ago. Small yard that was overgrown a little, clean up 3 Queen palms(remove old boots,fruits,etc.), and trim a arbicola hedge and a euginia hedge that was overgrown. Bid $100 for the whole thing and never heard back. Maybe it was high by $15-$20, but not absurd.......
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    After 18 years in business I let my foreman of 10 years and my #2 guy of 4 years go because the market has crashed so bad in south Florida. I did this last fall and have finally, working by myself, got the company profitable again, mostly by selling to the quality existing customers I have left. I am finally selling some paver and landscape work again. Unbelievable.
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    I think you meant to say loss:laugh: ...I'm mostly kidding.
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    Go ahead by tonight there is 700 post to correct. I am aware of the mistakes in this sentence and the one before it just to piss you off
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    What the hell is a arbicola hedge and a euginia hedge?
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    That's really nothing new here ,Sunstate, It's been going on for years. Market here has always been depressed. Wait till spring and see how bad it is as new LCO 's start up and try to drive the business in the ground. ALL you can do is keep a loyal customer base and wait out the fly by nites till they go under. Happens every year. After 23 yrs. , I've learned.
  10. arbicola and euginia are two plants that grow down here.

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