It's here...Kubota KXO 57-4 series!

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ConstSvcs, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. stuvecorp

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    It does look very nice and well put together. The cab looks big or roomy. It is a 'near' zero turn? I think the dual auxiliary hydraulics is huge and hope that means in the future others will copy that.
  2. coopers

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    WOW! I just got back from a nice little get away and I find this and it makes my return complete! Beautiful looking machine. I can't wait to try it out. Cab looks superb!
  3. curtisfarmer

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    I couldn't tell if it was ZTS either, the KX161 has much more track hanging out the back, but this cab is obviously larger and that may just be the appearance. I noticed they shortened the height of the rear corner bumbers which I have found saved my (ass) cowling due to run ins with objects. I do wish the front corners were armored more, I see alot of KXs with dents in both front corners from either crowding stuff in like logs or stuff rolling down hills (like mine) and smashing into the front. I think a KX161 costs about $56-60K around here, seems like a lot more if those $s are correct. Keep in mind the UK pound sterling is at a high and against the $, as most of the major currencies are, and the conversion may be skewed. Nice looking machine for sure and another win from Kubota. Wish the prices of MiniX mowers would come down.
  4. Lazer_Z

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  5. ConstSvcs

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    Ok..........talked to my salesman today. Price was "middle 60's" and I said "was" because........yep you guessed it's sold! They pulled a few strings to get it shipped in and cleared at the docks so that a customer could purchase it before the year end. Lucky him (or her)! This model is intended to be the direct replacement for the KX-161. Difficult to get at this point, they said. The buyer traded in a 161 towards the sale.

    I asked if there was an expected change in the KX-121...answer was no. He did want to know if I was interested in the 161 trade in. I said let me know when you have a re-possessed 121-3 and we'll talk. No need for a larger machine at this time.
  6. AWJ Services

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    To me the 121 and the 161 are so close in size I do not see the 161 being that much larger as to cause problems.
    I ran all 5k and 7k machines before I purcahsed the KX161and I honestly feel I can put the 161 in any spot I did those . It is a pain digging up close but other than that I feel the 20 foot of reach is more than worth it.
  7. nedly05

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    I want one! Actually, I would settle for a 161:rolleyes:
  8. curtisfarmer

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    The KX161 has 2' more reach and I think 5oo lbs. more lift than a KX121. I did my research and tried all of Kubotas line up and some of Bobcats. I chose the KX121 as the best I could get for my $ and stay under CDL requirements. Hopefully new machine is not too close to both existing models, the 121 is nice for noncdl oprators. 1 thing I don't like about 121-vs.-161, is I feel the 121 is a short track machine and without blade down, a day of digging hurts your back. KX161 is 1' long tracks. I have not spent a day in a kx161, is it the same hurt?

    AWJ, I backed my KX121 up to my BH1100 hoe on L48 from swing point to swing point, and they where the same. Granted, 2 different machines, just the reach was the same from swing point. Excavators are measured from center of turntable radius.
  9. Gravel Rat

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    I have only ran the a Kubota for a hour I wasn't the primary operator for the machine I was mostly on fullsize machines. Anyhow yes the 161 is bouncy but that is because it is quick. You watch a operator that has 100 or more hours on a 161 its not bouncy. Steel tracks make a big difference no mini around here in that size has rubber bands all steel shoes.

    By the way that Kubota 161 I used to use has over 10,000 hours now seen it out working yesterday still doing the jobs. Still running the same steel tracks from the factory a little worn but still being used. The machine has paid for itself a few times over the company bought it brand new.
  10. ConstSvcs

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    I need to carry a Class A CDL to pull a 9500 lb. KX 121-3 on my 7 ton trailer behind my 19,500 lb. gvw non cdl cabover since the gross trailer weight is over 9,999 lbs.

    What gvw trailer do you carry yours on....??

    I know that question could move this whole thing right off topic but ...................................

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