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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Poncho25, Aug 18, 2007.

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    Man its been Hot as hell here in Tampa the past few weeks!! With the heat index its over 100 almost every day! This is only my 2nd year in this here, and man its hard. Not sure how some of the guys I know in the area do 70+ accounts a week by themselves! Hell I only have 26 accounts and I am beat. I keep my Fridays open for hedge trimming and rain days (make up) and don't work Mondays atm either. I have been thinking about actually splitting my Tuesdays up, currently I do 15 on Tues and its hurting, esp come around 1130-130 in the day. How do you guys deal? I am talking about the solo guys or the guys who used to be solo that worked deep in the south during these hot times...this is one of the hottest summers I ever remember living here. And I am putting in a bid this week on an condo-unit. I have an in with someone on the board there and they pretty much said if i match their current bid I will get it. which is 1400.00 a month.
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    104+ is dark orange caution zone, 108+ is red danger.
    I think it could actually be worse, 104+ red and 108+ is in the purple zone, but who cares.

    The hottest time of the day is from 1100 to 1400 or so, it gets no hotter than in those hours.
    I always find myself inside between these hours, anytime the HI is 104+.
    Somedays I start early and knock off by 1030-1100, other days I don't even get going until 1400-1430, if things are busy the day gets split. It's not so bad then, but there ain't no way you will find me out working in no 104+ crap, it's bad for the grass to cut it in that kind of heat anyhow, really bad.

    That stuff knocks me down one time and it could be all over, I take no chances.
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    Yeah I hear ya Top. I came home on tues after 10 houses, had 5 more to do...but could not get myself to go back out later on, i was so tired! I pushed them off till the next day. I just don't know this summer is really bad. Been keeping a lot of fluids in my body but just seem to get burned out between noon and 1pm.

    Let me ask you and anyone else this. For those of you who used to be solo and hired someone, at what point did you hire someone? I mean I know it would cut down on my profits greatly but it would also allow me to take on more and not get so burnt out.
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    This year has been atypical regarding our seasonal temps, only a dozen days over 100*F+. Usually from late May to early Oct we average well above 100*+.
    I, myself am aware of it being warm around 105*F or so, become uncomfortable around 109*F and will usually knock work off by 113-115*F.

    And we here in Texas have it EASY compared to those in Arizona, New Mexico nd Oklahoma.

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