Its not called thatching!! Its DEthatching!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by lawnlandscape, May 7, 2010.

  1. lawnlandscape

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    OK, maybe I'm ******** (probably am), but I'm sitting on the can reading the free paper that goes around town tonight, and it always amazes me how many landscape/lawn care company's that have been in business for a VERY long time advertise "thatching services".

    Obviously you can tell I'm a lawn care guy, but this drives me NUTS! Thatching, would be taking thatch you removed from another persons yard and embedding it into the lawn of another persons lawn!

    Is stupid that this drives me nuts? I would say more then 50% of the guys around here offer "thatching services". I would think people would want a guy that offers dethatching services. Do the guys that offer "thatching" even know why they are doing it.

    Probably going to have a heart attack over this...

    What ALSO drives me crazy, is that says dethatching is not a word, and suggests thatching to fix it!! ahhh!!!
  2. ajslands

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    Call one of the companies and ask for thatching, and when hey show up they'll probably dethatch, so you can yell at them and say you payed to have thatch put in your yard!
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  3. 93Chevy

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    Customer: "Obviously dethatching is necessary every year because I can't get any lawn guys to bag my lawn."

    Lawn care guy: "Yeah, we can do that for you."

    Customer: "You guys are the best."
  4. jhawk60

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    I saw a flyer offering a good price on air rating.

  5. Cross Cut

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    Snow blower or thrower?
  6. lawnlandscape

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    ohhh.. don't even start with that one now.... Thats the other thing that drives me nuts!! My step father always wants me to bag his lawn because he does not want a thatch problem. Trying to explain to him this is not the case is like beating my head against the wall. I still refuse to bag their yard.
  7. ajslands

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    I saw that In a newspaper
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  8. lawnlandscape

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    Its not the same like that at all. Those both make sense.
  9. WHIPPLE5.7

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    We call it powerraking. Knowbody here uses a JRCO type, they are all powered wb. I also always get the people thinking mulching/side charging thinks it causes thatch buildup. Thatch buildup is from too much fert. and excessive watering. I absolutely hate bagging grass too. If it wasn't so hard to get new work these days I'd drop the people that make me bag. One little trick I do is run gator blades and have chicken wire screen where an OCDC would be and the Accelerator catcher over top of that. Over 75% of it gets mulched but the customer can still see the catcher so it works out for me.
  10. lawnlandscape

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    Must be a lot of small lawns if everyone is using wb power rakes. Some of the properties I mow would take more then a day for 2 guys to do this.

    I have grasshopper frontmounts. I have a bagging system for it, but I take it off for normal lawn mowing. I only use the bagging system for dethatching in spring/fall, and leave cleanups.

    It takes me about 45 min to switch from mulching to bagging, because I have to put on all the bags, tubes, belts, take off the mulching kit & change the blades. That would be an extra 1.5 hours just in BS to cut 1 persons lawn that wants to be bagged. No thank you. If I had a lot of requests to bag, i would set aside a day to have my bagging system on. But after I present some facts about bagging, I am able to talk everyone else out of it. My step father is just stubborn. :dizzy:

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