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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1MajorTom, Oct 28, 2004.

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    You pull up to your customers house. She has been a customer for 3 years, takes a weekly cut and never complains. You have begged, pleaded, and even whimpered to her on her voice mail begging for her to let you do a fall leaf cleanup on her yard. ;)
    She says, "no way, I plan on having my out of state grandson take care of the leaves when he visits for Thanksgiving." Problem is that's a month away!! and the grass needs cut now!!
    What do you do?
    1. Drive away, you aren't touching that mess, by the time the leaves are cleaned up, your equipment will be winterized.
    2. Bag them all up just for the heck of it, you can't charge her extra because she has already told you she won't pay for any leaf removal.
    3. Cut the grass, but discharge them everywhere making a sloppy mess.
    4. Pull off your dedicated mulch mower from the back of the trailer, mulch them, but once again, you aren't getting paid any extra.
    5. Don't take the customer on in the first place, even though she'll bring in 900 bucks easilly on cuttings on a simple little lawn, plus extra for hedge trimming.

    How do YOU handle a non leaf customer?
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    Honestly, Jodi, I'd have to go with number 6.) None of the above. All of our accounts are complete full service, so I have never had to deal with this dilemma. I guess if I had no other choice, I would cut and blow the leaves to a central area of the yard for later pickup by the grandson. I may tack on a standard 30% high cut fee to cover a few extra minute's time to do this, without making it seem I am charging for leaf removal or clean up. So if it's a 35.00 account, add an extra 10.50 to the bill.(this is in our contracts for overgrown, out of schedule cuts, rain delays, first cuts, and excessive growth..all subject to regular fee plus 30%)
  3. Lawn-Scapes

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    I charge for "X" amount of cuts per year and the leaves just seem to disappear.
  4. Phishook

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    7. Ask her what she wants you to do. Then tell her what you are going to do.
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    I can't really comment because we dont get alot of leave fall down here, but if she is a top notch, paying on time, and never complains about a price, i would clean them up for her and then later down the road charge her extra for something else to get the money back
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    I would cut the lawn in circles and blow all the leaves inward toward a tree or something :)

    Just kidding, I would use a mulching mower. What we do is continue to service all accounts weekly until all leaves have fallen. We add a extra $10 per week after November 1st.

    After we blow everything into the grass we mulch the leaves. We don't have to trim at this time so we are actually doing pretty good. One guy starts blowing while the other cuts. It ends up taking about the same time as a weekly cut.

    If customers don't want this service then we stop showing up until next spring.
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    #3 Give the client what she wants! If she just wants to PAY for a MOW, give her a MOW! Let the leaves land where they may! If she says anything about it, tell her the conversations you've had, but that you'd be willing to mulch or pick them up for $xxx!

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    0. Who cares? I get paid anyways.

    It's the customer's choice for me. Mowing stops, I get my monthly amount and it's just that many less times I had to cut the lawn... higher profit margin for me. But I'm a nice guy, so depending on the customer, I might run back out to cut it one last time for her if it was needed after the cleanup was completed. Otherwise, see ya next spring!
  9. Runner

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    I would just mow it. There is not THAT much more drag on a mower for regular pattern mowing with leaves. I would NOT use your miulcher, though. Then you ARTE talking some extra work on the machine. I would just cut and let them lay. That's what we do anyway until they're all down and we pick up.
    I would like to add,...this is all incorporated into the cost of the cleanup.
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