It's raining and I got bored...


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St. Louis, Mo
I was sitting there watching the softer side of Rita come down and looking at my torn foam grip after a short encounter with a mailbox - hit a soft spot coming over the curb. (glad I got my hand outta there).
So I decided to replace the grip with some 7-strand 550 Paracord.
It's definitely more comfortable, but I'm anxious to see how they vibes are.

I trimmed about an inch off of the ends, too. That combinded with the not-so-grabby cord should keep the grips from grabbing ahold of my T-shirt during turns.

I also removed those kill switch handles that kept rubbing a raw spot on my right hand.
Does anyone know where I can get a generic Sea-Doo/Jet Ski type of dead-man switch to replace it?




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Pizza Hut
Looks Clean. :)

Varsity L&G

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Greenville, SC
For the switch you can goto any seadoo, motorcycle cycle watercraft dealer and get one. Heck Advance or autozone might have them. They have everything else.