Its the time of the year for tall grass

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NNJLandman, May 14, 2007.

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    The beginning of the season always has the fastest tallest growing grass, its rainy, its cool n warm, perfect conditions for lawns to shoot up, so my question is, do you charge the customer for the extra time spent on the lawn. I have a couple weekly customers whos lawns shoot up like wild, the one is irrigated and fertilized by the customer, ive told him before to stop watering it so much, anytime of the day I might show up there its always wet, he waters it during water restrictions religiously and dumps tons of fert on it...looks beautiful when its cut but thats after I cut it, bag it, and cut it again...Spent some time there and a few other houses this week. So do you guys charge for the extra cuts or what? I mean who can leave a lawn looking crappy.
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    Depends. Control the fertilizer and control the lawn. Sounds like this customer is controlling you. Some customers don't fertilize or water. August comes and if you aren't on a monthly billing cycle you sure aren't getting paid for mowing nothing. That isn't the case here.
    It all evens out but this customer is one that you have to talk with and set your terms down. Cut there at least 2X a week and bill accordingly. You will be constantly busy here but it can get out of hand if you are on a 7 day mow cycle and thats where you are losing time.

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