Its time for a new locator!

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Bigred350, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Sprinkus

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    sprinkus, do you locate valves with the rigid?

    the low range of freqs give you an advantage over others on GF and utilities, my dynatel affords me the same luxuries.

    did you get training? metrotech called me about their new tools, they give you lifetime training as a pitch.[/QUOTE]

    SR-20 is worthless for valve locating, locates everything else though.
    The "sonde" units in combination with the SR-20 work great for locating any kind of pipe that you can shove the thing down.
    Training was acceptable.
    Pretty easy unit to use although I'll reiterate, well, after that last Jaegermeister my wife handed me I don't remember what reiterate means! :drinkup:

    Best ask me when I'm store mober.
  2. Bigred350

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    I am using the progressive 528 locater right now. It had a bad nicked spot on the reviver wire so today I took it to a computer repair shop to see if they could soilder it back together. Well see if it works better.
  3. 1idejim

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    you need to have tools to locate whatever you encounter, i'm not a fan of plumb bob locators, if you don't have issues with it, buy a fault finder

    i just walked in the door from a septic and copper water line locate, i took the 4110, the dynatel and my magnawand.

    the septic system had no clean-out to send sonde or wire down and the tank was plastic. i located the septic tank with my voodoo sticks and the magnawand as they had a buried steel stake as a marker.

    the copper only had to be verified to be out of the scope of work, 100' w 2 y's mountain soils. located fine with the 4110, never took the dynatel out.

    i go back tomorrow to expose the tank
  4. Bigred350

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    I would like to get a new 521 or the pro 700 I just dont know which one to get.
  5. 1idejim

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    1 - i own both.

    2 - i like them both.

    3 - i can call armada and the boss answers most of the time (go figure what his secretary looks like) and i like that.

    4 - read

    5 - is one of my most referred to guides, i would like to see a guide similar to this from armada.

    6 - forum members JayinMi and Captain stream rotar each have new machines and prolly could give you reviews of their machines.

    7 - personally i like and use both, maybe one day i'll find a reason to have a favorite :)

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