It's Time for Some New Equipment

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by coyotekid, May 18, 2005.

  1. coyotekid

    coyotekid LawnSite Member
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    Hi guys,

    Business is picking up, and I think I can now justify getting some new equipment. My 3.75 HP MTD push mower just isn't doing it anymore.

    I'd like to stay around a 21" cut, and would like to buy quality equipment. I'm fond of Honda small engines, but I'm completely open to suggestions.

    As for a trimmer, I've had great luck with the Stihl FS 80 I'm currently using, but I'd like a smaller trimmer dedicated for string instead of blades. Is Stihl among the top, or are there better options?

    Thanks for all the help--this board is great!
  2. WoodBrothersLC

    WoodBrothersLC LawnSite Senior Member
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    go and look at the john deere 21's we have had ours forever but needs to be replaced soon

    dont get a smaller trimmer than the fs80, we have one and at times it could use a little bit more power.
  3. meets1

    meets1 LawnSite Gold Member
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    Look at the John Deere 21 walk behinds. We have 10 in our fleet of mowers and always run great. Every year though we trade for a few new ones but we have two as spares that are getting older but they will run with the new any day of the week.

    Trimmers - I run all redmax, 2 maryuma, I we have one toro trimmer left. Redmax is strong but a bit more expensive.
  4. wbw

    wbw LawnSite Fanatic
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    The Toro proline or the new Honda commercial hydro. Shouldn't be too tough to decide.
  5. Guthrie&Co

    Guthrie&Co LawnSite Senior Member
    from nc
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    i just bought a new fs 110. works great and the 4 mix is awesome. alot of torque and is ten times quieter. weighs the same as the fs 80/85's
  6. dirt digger

    dirt digger LawnSite Member
    from KS
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    The John Deere has treated me quite well. I do have friends who have run the toro's and were impressed, also, heard good things about the Hondas. A new John Deere 21" will run around $850 - $900.
  7. Lorge

    Lorge LawnSite Member
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    For the mower, get the exmark 21" with the Kawi. That's what I have and it's great. I had a commercial honda that got stolen and it was ok but the exmark is much better overall. The Honda was slow and couldn't handle thick grass very well. It was kind of awkward to use. I've been nothing with happy with the exmark. It has 3 speeds, 3rd gear is as fast as a walk behind in 4th gear....pretty dang fast.

    For the trimmer, I have 2 Stihl FS110s. There is some power in those machines but they aint cheap, I think $350. I wouldn't step down below an FS 80. Below that is homeowner grade. You're a professional, you need professional equipment.
  8. prolawncorp

    prolawncorp LawnSite Member
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    Hey we bought some Toro walk behinds from a dealer and they are working great

    For trimmers check out Tanaka I did about 2 years ago and now the guys love them. Light weight and powerful and they saud they are 100% 2 cycle which i love. No 4 cycle for me.
  9. Tanaka

    Tanaka Inactive
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    Yes, all Tanaka products are 100% two-stroke powered now and for the future. We were the first to certify to C.A.R.B. Tier II with our PureFire engine.

    For more info, go to the PureFire learning center:

  10. Jpocket

    Jpocket LawnSite Silver Member
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    Oh, I thought you were talking about real equipment.................. :rolleyes:

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